One Hit Wonders are a lot of fun to listen back to. To me, if I was in a band, I would love to be a one hit wonder. You can have one massive song, take your earnings, and go do something else without the pressure of trying to live up to the same hype. Ok, maybe 10 Platinum records wouldn’t be bad either, but a one hit wonder is kind of cool. LOL. Let’s take a look at 5 Awesome One Hit Wonders According to Jersey!

I recently looked for suggestions from DHA listeners as to great one hit wonders. I do my First Call Last Call feature where I play a themed block of music. The question for that block is posted about an hour before hand (4pm) to the DHA Facebook page. Yesterday, I asked for One Hit Wonders You Always love hearing. As you would imagine, I got some really cool answers!

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What makes a one hit wonder sounds pretty self-explanatory, but it can get a little gray. There are artists who have one hit song and you never hear from them again. However, there are also times when bands release as ingle that blows up and then release other songs that do make it to the charts, just not quite as high. Those are one-hit-wonders too. The bands that have 2-3 songs that chart highly, in my opinion at least, are not one hit wonders.

For the sake of this article, the bands on here all had a big hit single, but any future releases never quite lived up to the success of the other song. Special thanks to the DHA listening audience. Without them, I could never have put together such an awesome list. I love reading their responses!

Let’s take a look at 5 awesome One Hit Wonders according to Jersey!


    They wee just young kids when they released their first album. It’s a hard rocking, riff-filled, wild ride. And this song is a great example of what you get!


    Straight out of Australia!  This band had some hits worldwide, but in the USA, this was their biggest.  And it’s such a great song!


    They were a new wave band out of Cali.  Playing through the 80’s, this was their big hit.  This is an infectious one!


    I never paid attention to the lyrics so I don’t know what it’s about.  But man if it isn’t a catchy tune.  Love it!


    The Toadies developed a dark legened about Possum Kingdom Lake that is not true.  But many people don’t even realize what they’re singing long to, because it’s just so fun!

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