With it being warmer and the sun shining (at least on some days) I thought we’re take a look at 5 Cool Ice Cream Spots In Morris County, NJ.  These are in no particular order and are just 5 spots that serve great ice cream.  You may have a different shop you go to and that’s ok!

Ice Cream is so indulgent and fun.  On a warm Summer day it feels or should I say it tastes like it makes things even better.  There are so many different flavors to choose from, which keeps it exciting!  You may like the traditional flavors like Vanilla or Chocolate or maybe you prefer something off the beaten path like Moose Tracks.  Either way you can’t go wrong!

Plus, there’s the decision of whether you want soft serve or hard scooped out flavors.  Again that’s a matter of personal opinion.  I personally love a good cup of soft serve.  But then again, there are usually more flavors to pick from when you choose the hard type.

Once you’ve picked your flavor, it comes down to toppings.  And man are there a lot to choose from at some places.  It’s almost overwhelming.  From butterscotch or caramel to brownie bits and sprinkles, there is so much you can throw into your ice cream to jazz it up even more! I know some people who just go the plain route just to experience the flavor of the cream itself.  For instance, is there anything wrong with a cone of soft serve vanilla with absolutely nothing on it?

Again I love a good serving of vanilla with some butterscotch syrup poured on top and whipped cream to top it off.  But then again, there really isn’t a flavor of ice cream I would turn down!

How about we take a look at 5 Cool Ice Cream Spots in Morris County, NJ.

Again, in no particular order!


    Their ice cream is so rich an creamy. It’s absolutely delicious. Plus they have amazing ice cream cakes which you need to try once! https://www.denvilledairy.com/  


    Great shop in Morristown.  They’re open pretty late have close to 40 flavors all year.  It’s awesome.  Try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch……man it’s amazing! https://www.beeniesicecream.com/


    Since 1975 Cliff’s has been churning out awesome ice cream.  And a TON of flavors.  I love the look of the location, but what really matters is the taste of the ice cream.  And it’s fantastic! https://www.cliffsicecream.com/  


    Nice and creamy.  Some really great flavors and another place where you have to try one of their cakes!  You’ll love it. https://www.taylorsicecreamparlor.com/


    Stop in and try some really tasty ice cream.  Great service any time I’ve gone and their ice cream is wonderful!

    AJ's Country Cone

    AJ's Country Cone - 5711 Berkshire Valley Rd # 3, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438

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