There are certain songs which are fitting for times of the year. Also, some just work to be on a certain playlist.  Let’s take a look at Top 5 Cool Rock Songs To Combat The Heat!

Here in Jersey we have had a heatwave this week.  It’s been very , very, very, hot. Is that too many verys?  I’m not sure.  But nevertheless, the temps have been in the 90’s and it’s still not going down.  It’s Summer, so I guess it comes with the territory. But it’s been nice working inside the WDHA Miller Lite studio.  The air has been cool and of course I get to play you rock songs each day. I also get to bring you First Call Last Call!

If you’re not familiar with First Call Last Call, it’s a themed block of music that kicks off at 5pm just in time for your drive home! Now, the block is put together by checking out your responses to the Question of the day at the DHA Facebook. I post that normally at 4, so it gives you time to head to the page and get your comment posted.

The other day I asked for Cool or Cold related songs to combat this Heatwave. And as always it was great seeing listener responses. There were some really good ones!  I always like when I read a few and see songs mentioned that were completely off my radar.  And I like to think I have a pretty good musical radar lol!

So, whether you’re like me and enjoy listening to certain songs or bands at certain times of the year, or you just want some ideas for songs to combat the heat, let’s get into this list. Some might make you say oh wo and others are must plays in a heatwave that you were probably thinking of too!


    Not too surprising that this one got a number of mentions at the Facebook page. It’s a great classic rockin tune, but it’s also so fitting to bring the cold to combat these temperatures!


    Sure, it’s not about cold temperatures at all.  However, you do need to chill the gin, so in that sense it kind of works!  LOL .  Plus it’s a great early rocker from the Kiss camp!


    Breaking Ben got darker on their second album.  This lead off track sets the album off perfectly.  And the cold theme is there to make this list!


    Pick your flavor!  This one is such a fun tune from VH.  With mentions of summertime and ice cream, it’s sure to keep you cool.  And it starts off so different than a “typical” VH rockin song!



    With Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, this one has a pop sensibility in a good way.  So melodic with a big chorus.  It starts out almost ominous in a way, you don’t know which direction it’s going, but boy it gets good!

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