Josh Todd from Buckcherry live in the WDHA studio- photo credit - Joe Frazz

It’s TC rocking part four of our WDHA Coffee Break theme- “WDHA Exclusive Performances Our Listeners Loved”
We hit the raven Room for listener experiences, (love the look on the faces of our winners when the camera pans to them) and a few recorded on my show in our studios.

  • Crobot- Lowlife- Raven Room Listener Experience

    Crobot are EPIC live!!! They have been in the studio, in our Parking Lot (the inspiration for our Parking Lot Parties actually) and I adore them… do our listeners because besides being so talented they are the ultimate party band- true rockstars! This one from the Raven Room at our “Sunday Funday”. They KILLED it!

  • The Winery Dogs- Fire- WDHA Studio

    One of the most talented bands on the planet, The Winery Dogs blew us away live in studio. This performance of “Fire” goes down as one of our finest ever and a listener favorite.

  • Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band- Blue On Black - WDHA Studio

    This performance of “Blue On Black” still gives me chills. Kenny has been coming to WDHA since he’s 16 and he is rock family for sure. This one from 2012 (I think???) and we still get requests for this version of the classic Blue On Black

  • Buckcherry- Crazy Bitch- WDHA Studio

    We all love some Buckcherry!! Come on!!


  • Dorothy- Flawless- The Raven Room

    I had to include another performance from our WDHA Rock Rock Fest artist the incredible Dorothy Martin from Dorothy- The vibe in the room that night was pure magic- And so was her voice……

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