CLEARFIELD, PA - MAY 5: Rachel Fleagle (R) her sister, Jessica and Scott Staub, all of Philadelphia pose with the burger May 5, 2005 at Denny's Beer Barrell in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. The group was in the area and saw the burger on television and decided to make an attempt at eating it. The establishment features a 15 pound burger for $39 that is free if the customer can finish it. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Cheeseburgers are American comfort food. So delicious and appealing, that they’re a beloved staple on menus worldwide. When you think about it, they’re pretty basic – A juicy beef patty, seasoned to perfection, placed between two soft, maybe toasted buns, and topped with a gooey, melting slice of cheese. It’s not rocket science, but it just works! And we’re going to take a look at 6 great cheeseburgers to eat in Morris County NJ!

You have to admit – Cheeseburgers are versatile. You can customize them to suit your preferences, adding toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, bacon, or even a fried egg. The cheese itself, typically cheddar, American, or Swiss, adds a creamy goodness that takes the burger itself to a new level of tastiness.

When it comes to choosing the perfect beverage to accompany a cheeseburger, you’ve also got plenty of options. A classic choice is a cold, refreshing soda, which plays well off the slew of flavors and provides a satisfying contrast to the savory beef patty. Nowadays, craft beer is immensely popular and has so many different flavors to enjoy. It can enhance the burger experience, giving the eater a hop-filled bitterness or malty sweetness to balance the richness of the meat and cheese. For those who prefer non-alcoholic options, a milkshake or even iced tea can go well with a burger too.

As I said, cheeseburgers are the epitome of comfort food, offering a wonderful blend of flavors and textures that make them a favorite that stands the test of time. Paired with a well-chosen beverage, they are a fun experience that satisfies and intrigues the taste buds, leaving you wanting seconds. O even thirds…..that is of course, if you’re really hungry.

Morris County has some amazing places to grab a cheeseburger. From basic, tried and true examples to unique creations, there’s a lot to pick from.

Let’s take a look at 6 great Cheeseburgers to eat in Morris County NJ. As always, these are in no particular order!

  • THE COMMITTED PIG - 28 W Park Pl, Morristown, NJ

    Sure, you can get just a basic cheeseburger here. And it’s out of this world. But you can also have your burger served on a glazed donut! There’s a reason this place is award winning. So many great, unique creations. You might want to try them all!

    Fine Casual Restaurants in Morristown, Manasquan & Summit | The Committed Pig

    Jerry Rotunno has created this award winning restaurant by focusing on contemporary comfort food, highlighting gourmet burgers and a la carte brunch.

  • ARTHUR'S TAVERN - 700 Speedwell Ave. Morris Plains, NJ

    Arthur’s knows how to cook a burger.  A 10oz piece of meat that’s pure perfection.  Pick your cheese – (I usually go with cheddar) and you will not be disappointed.  It’s big, juicy and filling!

    Arthur's Tavern - Morris Plains NJ

    700 Speedwell Ave. Morris Plains NJ -

  • THE DOVER GRILL - 240 US HWY 46, ​Dover, NJ

    Close to a hole in the wall burger joint, this place is so delicious.  Grab a cheeseburger that is always juicy and cooked just right.  Pair it with some chili ries and you’re set.  Grab a soda and just sit back and enjoy.  Awesome spot!



  • DENVILLE DOG AND GRILL - 99 Bloomfield Avenue Unit A Denville, NJ

    Sure, the hot dogs here are great.  But don’t be fooled, this place has outstanding burgers.  These grilled cheeseburgers are well-priced and the service here is always friendly too.  Grab a Stewart’s Root Beer and chow down on one tasty burger!

    Denville Dog & Ice Cream - Take Away Food Template Kit

    We understand quality and customer service. We opened Denville Dog & Ice Cream because we wanted to bring a flair to Morris County with both indoor and outdoor seating. Our food is prepared with only the very best ingredients so we can deliver a quality product.

  • ROCCO'S - 405 Route 46 Kenvil

    These burgers are made with 100% fresh ground beef and you can taste it.  Simply put – this is what comfort food is all about!  I recommend the Rocco Burger – Double Cheeseburger, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickles, and Rocco’s Special Sauce.  I know you want to try it.

    Rocco's Burgers - Welcome

    We are now open and accepting online orders for your convenience! Welcome to Rocco's Burgers serving classic American fare. All our food is made fresh to order daily with only the finest ingredients.

  • TAVERN ON THE ROCKS - 9 Wall St Rockaway, NJ

    They have some awesome creations that take your burger to a whole new level.  But with a basic cheeseburger, you still can’t go wrong.  Pick from American, Pepper JAck, or Cheddar cheese and you’ll get a patty that is perfectly seasoned and cooked up just right.  It’s fresh, just what you need to fill your belly and feel that comfort.  And it goes really well with one of their beers on tap!

    Tavern on the Rocks | Family Pub & Bar

    Tavern on the Rocks is a family friendly local pub located in quite neighborhood in Rockaway, New Jersey, where the atmosphere is welcoming and unique.


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