LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - FEBRUARY 25: Frontman James Hetfield of Metallica performs at Allegiant Stadium on February 25, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with that comes a day to spend time with your kids and enjoy all the cool things about parenthood. One thing I love is sharing some of the stuff I grew up with or my interests or hobbies to see if my kids either pick up what I’m putting down……or find their own version of what Dad likes.

Here’s an idea for you on this Father’s day – Why not introduce your kids to some cool hard rock and metal tunes? Now, depending on their age and musical taste, they might love and want more of what you show them. There’s also a good chance they might hate it; only to turn away and never experience the joy of rock music again. Ok maybe that’s extreme, but you know what I mean.
Why don’t we take a look at Six cool hard rock or metal tracks that might suck them into the genre? It’s worth a shot. And hey, since we’re celebrating Dad’s this week, at least you get to hear some cool music too!

And remember, even if hard rock or metal is not their thing, it’s ok. Music in general is just plain good for the mind and body.
But hopefully, they’ll be a metal head! LOL


    They can see this shock rocker and you can explain how cool his live shows are, with all the amazing visual effects. The song is dark, but it sounds really fun to a kid who’s anxiously awaiting the end of the school year!


    An awesome intro into the world of metal.  It’s the awesome vocals of Bruce Dickenson, the fun galloping drums of Nicko McBrain, and a really awesome lead riff that might just make your child want to learn guitar!  And learning an instrument is never a bad thing!


    Sure, Eddie Munson played part of “Master Of Puppets” in Stranger Things On Netflix last season, but I think this song is a little more accessible.  Don’t get me wrong – having my kid running around the house chanting, “Master….Master” would be cool, but I think this one might hook them a little more.


    You absolutely need to show them Rob Halford and company.  Halford’s voice is so melodic and they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of metal.  This one is on the more melodic side of things and you may find your child bopping up and down to it!



    Mark Tremonti’s riffs can get Heavy and complicated, but always have an infectious hook in them.  With Miles Kennedy’s voice this song blends both their skills so perfectly and the rest of the band is so tight. Maybe your son or daughter is more of a modern hard rock fan?


    It was a toss up between this and Dr Feelgood.  But ultimately this is just so fun and the uptempo speed could keep any young one from becoming bored.  Crank this for them and see what they think!

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