Rock Docs- Rock Documentaries- They are a favorite of mine to watch.
Terrie Carr here and loving music the way I do, I’m mesmerized watching the stories behind the songs, artists and the journeys traveled to create music and rockstars.
With that said, there are so many rock docs but only a handful that focus on women in rock music.
Whenever I hear about one of my favorite ladies or female bands being featured in a documentary piece I get really excited and totally ready to watch.
I chose nine documentaries that cover the lives and careers of some on the influential women who came on the scene and conquered.
Most of these documentaries are available to stream, some on demand on cable and most on Amazon Prime and YouTube.
Learn more about the fabulous females who make the rock roll!

  • Edgeplay- The Runaways

    I’ve always been obsessed with The Runaways and this is the absolute BEST band documentary to date.
    I DID NOT like the movie from a few years back and find some of the books chronicling the band to be vague.
    With interview pieces from band members, parents and Kim Fowley the twisted mastermind behind the band, the vintage footage is extraordinary and hearing the band members each tell their side of the story of their experiences gives us a clearer picture of this influential, underrated band who inspired so many.

  • 20 Feet From Stardom- The Amazing Back Up Singers Behind The Most Amazing Songs

    This 2013 HBO Documentary blows me away every time I watch it. The women behind some of music’s greatest songs and providing backing vocals for the biggest tours are super stars in their own right.
    The stories behind the songs like Gimme Shelter (The Merry Clayton story is incredible) and Young Americans and the women who have spent their lives crafting music with their backing vocal abilities. 20 Feet From Stardom was a commercial success and won many awards including an Oscar for Best Documentary Film.
    Cameos from Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder really help to paint the picture of the importance of these masterful female talents.

  • Bad Reputation- Joan Jett

    This long awaited look at the life of Joan Larkin is one of my favorites. Joan is a rock GODDESS but she should be referred to as a rock god because there is no difference between her contributions and those of any rock dude. I waited a long time for this documentary and it was so worth the wait. Where would rock be without Joan Jett? Truly I don’t know.

  • Jagged- 2021 - Alanis Morisette

    Jagged is one of my all time favorite Rock Doc’s. Raw, honest and so telling, Alanis chronicles the struggles of being a female artist (and man were their struggles) in the 1990’s. The documentary is a time stamp of the multi platinum selling “Jagged Little Pill” and the tremendous impact this record had on so many. And there is splendid footage of the late Taylor Hawkins who was the drummer in the Alanis touring band.
    “Ironically” (no pun intended) Alanis did not like the outcome of the documentary and quickly denounced the HBO made special. Personally I felt it showed the incredible artist she is, the HUGE impact she had. And the concert footage is dazzling.

  • The Go-Go's

    Called the greatest all girl group of all time- The Go Go’s were filled with massive hits and massive drama! All covered in this compelling documentary with the stories behind their songs and the history of the band. From punks to MTV royalty this Showtime film is fantastic!

  • Suzi Q- Suzi Quatro

    If you don’t know Suzi Quatro (Or just knew her from her brief stint on Happy Days) watch Suzi Q and you will see who she is and how many she influenced. Detroit born, bass in hand, Suzi changed the game.
    Suzi is an icon, a legend and without her the female rock field would not have been the same.
    This documentary is a must see for rock fans.

  • Poly Styrene- I Am A Cliche

    Poly Styrene was a punk icon (Singer for the X- Ray Specs then solo) and many may not know about her and her incredible life and journey as told by her daughter Celeste Bell, who wanted the book to be a celebration of her mothers’s life and turned it into a film to chronicle Poly’s work and musical legacy. She influenced so many and rarely gets the credit she deserves. Poly died at the young age of 53 of Cancer in 2011.
    A must see….

    There is some amazing footage and punk memories in this special about an influential woman who should not be forgotten.

  • Tina - Tina Turner

    Tina is the “Queen-A” through trials, tribulations and turbulence. Regarded as a rock star in her own right, the footage that takes the viewer through her childhood, Ike and Tina Review days and massive solo career is priceless.

    This documentary always seemed like Tina’s swan song to her dedicated fans and with her recent death makes every watch just that more poignant.

  • Sheryl- Sheryl Crow

    This 2022 Showtime Doc is an inspiring look at super star Sheryl Crow. Her life, he struggles and amazing talent as one of music’s most talented trailblazers.  I’m so glad I remembered this one! I have watched it at least 10 times!

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