Hi Friends,
TC here and what a time for new ROCK music as I pick out a dozen of my favorite new rock tunes. It’s wild hearing new tunes from The Stones, GNR, and U2! Legacy bands bringing it, new artists bringing it, I’m so energized and thrilled to play great current based rock music for YOU on WDHA! WDHA has always been a station committed to new music discovery and we know that our listening family loves coming to us to keep them in tune with new rock releases. I hear it all the time. Singles, digital downloads, full lengths, EP’s, artists are bringing it everywhere.

This list of a dozen faves was a tough one to put together because while it highlights some of my favorite songs, it doesn’t highlight all of the killer new bands releasing new music that I’m a fan of, however I wanted a list that encompassed classic bands, brand new artists, and more. Oh and styles too! Metal, rootsy rock and roll, artists away from their collective bands flying solo, there are a lot of new tunes to choose from. It’s amazing that we have new music from Ann Wilson and Judas Priest AND new artists like Tim Montana and Maneskin PLUS artists coming back as Scott Stapp and Brother Cane are both on my list!
So let’s continue supporting new music. It’s vibrant, alive and keeping rock rolling and fans and artists inspired.
Here are my dirty dozen tunes, (with a full album thrown in for good measure!) Some you may have already heard on WDHA others you can discover here. AND the cool thing is a lot of these artists featured are touring or will be touring in the near future, taking to the road, their fans and a new generation of rockers.
Rock LIVES! And of course thanks for rocking with WDHA. And as always if you have a cool tune you’d like me to check out- hit me up at [email protected]

  • Judas Priest- Panic Attack

    The Priest attack is BACK! With their 19th release “Invincible Shield” due out on March 8th 2024.
    The first single “Panic Attack” is a metal supercharged Priest “new classic” that doesn’t disappoint. #themetalgod

  • Mammoth WVH- I'm Alright

    Mammoth 2 is a banger with I’m Alright being one of my favorites. It’a feel good journey with Wolf’s vocals providing such vibes! Mammoth has two area shows coming up- 11/17 at Starland Ballroom (WDHA’s Thanks-Guitar-Ving” show) and July 17th opening for Foo Fighters at Citified.

    WDHA’s Mammoth WVH show tickets

  • Fozzy- Spotlight

    Straight ahead rock led by Chris Jericho, Fozzy returns with a great new tune that shows us new rock is alive and well! “Spotlight” follows the bands “three hook rule” and is SOOOOOO damn catchy- And of course our own New Jersey brother PJ Farley is the bass player in the band.

  • Scott Stapp- Higher Power

    Scott Stapp is a busy guy! With the Creed reunion happening, a new solo record and tour coming, it’s great we have some new music! “Higher Power” has a fantastic message, blazing vocals and Scott’s killer solo band backing him.

  • Tim Montana- The Devil You Know

    A hard hitting tune from Tim Montana this is one artist to watch! Tim started playing guitar at age 6 and after a tough start in life decided music was his calling. With Billy Gibbons as a mentor, David Letterman as a fan as early as 2008 and a relationship with Dave Grohl, we are happy to bring him to WDHA’s Rock The Rock Fest playing our VIP acoustic party for listeners! This song “The Devil You Know” will get down into your soul……

    Grab your Rock The Rock Fest VIP tickets here! WDHA Rock The Rock Fest link

  • Blink 182- One More Time

    Title track from the new Blink 182 record, if you are a Blink fan (or even if you are not) it’s hard not to get emotional when you hear this one.  “One More Time” is a look back in time tune (almost love song or letter) chronicling the bands lives, career and behaviors toward each other. “Strangers Into Brothers…Brothers Into Strangers”…..the lyrical content and beautiful understated performance makes this a Blink 182 masterpiece.

  • Daughtry- Artificial

    Chris Daughtry and band hit us hard with their new one “Artificial” – It’s a slamming tune that returns Chris to his hard hitting roots and he hits the concept of Artificial Intelligence hard we feel his punch!

  • Mike Shinoda- Already Over

    What an awesome tune from former Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda- A jam with a punk/pop flavor- I can listen to this one over and over and hear something different every time! Mike calls the tune “a bridge from the past to a blurry but exciting future” ! Totally agree.

  • Jesse James Dupree- Never Gets Old

    Jackyl frontman and overall fun-meister Jesse James Dupree has a new tune out co-written by Brian Johnson from AC/DC and it’s a bashing, organic party rocker! Love the drum sound and great to see Jesse’s talented son behind the kit! Looking for some fun? This one has you covered!

  • Green Day- The American Dream Is Killing Me

    Green Day never disappoints- NEVER! Angst, Power and always something to say, a timeless band who keeps the punk spirit alive and kicking.

  • Brother Cane - Blinded By The Sun

    Out last week and available for digital download and the 30th anniversary vinyl release of their debut, Damon Johnson and Glenn Maxey have reunited for a Brother Cane tour and new music!

    “Blinded By The Sun” is pure Brother Cane and the band rocks NJ on 11/12 at the Dunellen Theater!

    Damon Johnson on Reconnect With Rockers – Damon Johnson On Reconnect With Rockers


    Brother Cane at Dunellen Theater

  • Maneskin- Honey

    Power, attitude and rock rebellion……that’s Maneskin! A super cool Italian rock band who recently sold out Madison Square Garden (yup- sold out) their new single Honey (Are You Coming?) is a banger.

  • Bonus- The Rolling Stones - Hackney Diamonds- THE WHOLE RECORD

    I LOVE everything about Hackney Diamonds. The Rolling Stones are the only band that have a record on the Billboard charts in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s . 2010, AND 2020’s…….. AMAZING! It’s classic Stones- Nothing better…….

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