LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 27: (FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Guitarist Gary Holt of Slayer performs in front of a wall of flames during a stop of the band's Final World Tour at MGM Grand Garden Arena on November 27, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Ok, so normally when I write about a “forgotten gem” of an album I go back 20 years or so. But today I wanted to write about a record that came out in 2019 that I feel didn’t get enough love. It’s “I, The Mask” from the legendary metal band In Flames.
This album is just so damn good. It’s got a mix of almost every element you would want. Introspective, emotional lyrics. Blistering double bass drums. And heavy riffs with hypnotically melodic singing over top! It’s really one of my favorite albums over the last few years. Each song is such an earworm. After a track ends I want to go back and repeat it, but I stop myself, because I know there’s going to be another catchy hook on the next one too.
Let’s take a look at some highlights!


    The opening track to this album isn’t insanely up-tempo or blazing with dueling guitars. Instead it sets the tone for what’s to come. It establishes that this is a riff and melody based record. Heavy, yet with a mix of clean vocals and screams that will make you crave more. Such an awesome build up to this one!


    Here’s the title track.  Time to pick up the pace!  It’s a punky gallop that starts this song off and once we get to the pre-chorus the double bass drums are in full effect.  Screaming vocals take the urgency of the song to the next level, but then we’re in for a treat with a clean chorus that’s emotional and inspiring.



    This track has some great drum work and fills right off the bat.  But what really makes it are the growls of frontman Anders Friden.  He sounds angry..  And he is! LOL.  But still that hook is in full form and ready for the chorus to consume you and get stuck in your head.


    Beginning with a chanting scream, you know this is going to be an epic one.  Filled with passion and excitement.  The verse slows down a bit, but what makes this is the chorus.  It’s beautiful – It definitely makes me want to join in on the fight!


    If not for anything than that opening, emotional and beautiful sounding lead guitar work, this song is on the list.  It’s juxtaposed by the verse that comes in.  Almost reminiscent of a Stone Sour kind of song.  With Clean vocals and then of course a big chorus that is unmistakable and memorable from the first listen.

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