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LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 21: (L-R) John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin attend a press conference to announce Led Zeppelin's new live DVD Celebration day at 8 Northumberland Avenue on September 21, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Danny Martindale/Getty Images)

I recently asked a question on our Facebook page; do you consider Led Zeppelin to be overrated at all? I’ve had conversations with people who say they don’t “get” the whole Zeppelin thing or why they are always listed as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Well, as for DHA listeners, Led Zeppelin is far from overrated. In fact, many believe them to be the greatest there ever was……..or at least a close 2nd! Let’s take a look at some cool Zeppelin tunes that showcase what a diverse-sounding and rocking band they were.

  • 1. "Good Times Bad Times"

    What is an opening track to a fantastic debut! Bonzo comes in with that drum fill and then the main riff is off to the races. It’s got cool lyrics, amazing footwork by John Bonham, which sounds like double-bass drumming, and a killer Jimmy Page solo.  Great way to introduce your band!

  • 2. "The Rover"

    Physical Graffiti was a tremendous album and this song showcases its awesomeness. A guitar riff filled with swagger and excellent vocals showcasing Robert Plants’ talent. There’s something about this tune that truly Led Zeppelin fans love…..not to mention that phased guitar solo towards the end is brilliant!

  • 3. "Fool In The Rain"

    Their final album showcased how far they had come as musicians and songwriters. Bonham provides a head-bopping shuffle on the drum set, while page’s solo tears it up…..and oh yeah, don’t forget that mid-song mariachi breakdown. Hard not to appreciate the genius that was Zeppelin with this one.

  • 4. "The Wanton Song"

    Can you hear the funkiness in this hard-hitting riff by page? It’s easy to feel…….and those drums are on point. Another Zeppelin tune about sexy time with a lovely lady, Robert Plant sings it so raspy and intensely, that it makes it one of their best!