Sevendust has been churning out albums since 1997. Straight out of Atlanta, GA, this band came on the scene and made some heavy noise in the world of metal. I’ve been a fan since their debut and I have to say, in their 14 album catalog, there really isn’t a dud.

Some albums are heavier than others, and some have different themes than others, but overall the songwriting is always solid and you can tell these are next-level musicians.

Even when lead guitarist, Clint Lowery wasn’t with the band, Sonny Mayo fit in perfectly and they were still able to crank out a few albums that hold up to this date!

If you’ve ever seen 7D live, you know that they tear the roof off of any venue they play. Their energy is infectious and their sound is monstrous and so much like their albums that you wouldn’t think it’s possible. Now, we’re talking about their latest album, so we’ll save their live reviews for another article. But just keep in mind next time they come to town that they do not disappoint their fans.

What makes their latest album Truth Killer so awesome is that with the exception of a few choices, they keep an undeniable Sevendust record. Meaning, sure they experiment. Yes, there are some electronic sounds and modern elements used to flare things up, but overall when you put this album on, you know what you’re going to get. And that’s a great thing!

Vocalist Lajon Witherspoon hasn’t lost his touch, with smooth yet aggressive vocals that blend perfectly with backup vocals from Clint Lowery. And of course, the peppered shouts from drummer Morgan Rose sound well-placed as well.

On the topic of Rose, listening to his drumming journey is impressive too. He is an animal behind the kit and it’s so fun to hear.
The rest of the band sounds tight and polished and plays like they’ve been doing this since 1997. Making it seem flawless and effortless and magical all at once.

Let’s take a look at some standout tracks from Truth Killer!


    This opening track on the record is unexpected. It starts as a ballad with an electronic feel. Slowly building, brooding, yet so catchy. It also sets up Track 2 perfectly.



    Because of the great rhythm section, it’s almost hard to find the exact tempo of the song.  It’s like it stutters upfront and then when that chorus comes in, it’s this big anthemic, catchy hook! What a banger!


    This riff is reminiscent of some old school “dust”.  The melody comes in over an electronic sample and then the band follows, rocking so hard.  LJ sings his heart out on this one!


    This one starts off so soulful.  LJ’s voice is a masterclass on how to evoke emotion from someone.  Then the chorus attacks you, a modern take on that Sevendust hook!


    The album closer is a real banger.  You can sense that it will whip up a pit at their live shows!  Heavy, raspy vocals from LJ.  And another powerful uptempo chorus from the guys.  So good!

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