Matthew Sweet hanging at WDHA in 1993 with Lenny Bloch and his guitarist

TC here and this week I had a few requests for an all 90’s Lunch Hour which made me think of some of the cool bands we played back in the day that may not be “top of mind 90’s”.
And with temps close to 90 (Thursday) today I figured it’s a perfect day too get our 90’s on.

Who remembers some of these fun WDHA 90’s tunes…..As we celebrate almost 50 years of ROCKING NEW JERSEY!

  • Sweet Vine- Mountainside

    I remember playing this song A LOT on DHA back in the day! They played our Clam and Jam with a southern flair and should have been bigger!

  • The Refreshments - Banditos

    The album (I loved saying on the air) Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big and Buzzy gave us a few cool tunes but “Banditos” was a stand out one hit wonder hit and still a feel good party song!

  • Big Head Todd and The Monsters- Bittersweet

    Their album “Sister Sweetly” was such an underrated 90’s Jam. Big Head “Todd Mohr” had such a sweet voice and a big tough exterior. I remember them coming to WDHA to perform. This tune is a beauty…

  • School Of Fish- Three Strange Days

    I can’t believe this tune came out in 1991! It’s still epic! Josh Clayton -Felt was an interesting singer and producer who we lost waaaay too young in 2000. at the age of 32 to cancer. Such a cool, brilliant sound.

  • Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend

    Another gem from 1991, Matthew was a frequent visitor to WDHA and he is still active making music. His third release was “Girlfriend” and we still get requests for this one!

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