Saver, Save, Save

Ahhhhh WDHA Station Promotional Items! We have had soooooo many over our 45 plus years as THE ROCK OF NEW JERSEY! Did you know we once sold condoms??

As we celebrate all things New Jersey, WDHA was always ahead of the curve with our “Discount Store” that we had at our Route Ten, Randolph Studios. Let’s look back! Here are some fun, cool and UBER Vintage DHA Swagilicious Wonders that date back to the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s!

  • The WDHA Discount Card

    DHA Discount Card

    Saver, Save, Save

    Making it’s debut in the late 1970’s the DHA “JERSEY GIANT” DISCOUNT CARD saved listeners a few cents on music, Ice Cream, Concert Tickets and more! AND everyone had their own personal “number” pretty cool…..

  • The WDHA Duffel Bag


    Whether you rocked your beer nips, gym clothes or overnight attire the WDHA 1980’s Duffel Bag was stylin’! Thanks to listener Phil for sending me this!

  • WDHA Disco Still Sucks T-Shirts

    And Disco still sucks

    Born in 1993 the WDHA DISCO STILL SUCKS shirts are legendary……and have held up well as we still see them at concerts! Don’t tell TC- she is our veteran “Dancin’ Queen” though!

  • WDHA Vintage Bumper Stickers

    DHA Bumpersticker

    There have been MANY WDHA Bumperstickers (the Grateful Dead Dancing Bears were a fave!) but we dial it back to the 70’s with our JERSEY GIANT Big Bump!

  • WDHA Record Store Headers

    Introducing THE CD

    When CD’s were the thing….WDHA was the first station in the country to play a Compact Disc. Billy Joel’s 52nd Street actually! So when the station was asked to promote the CD section at local record stores like Sam Goody, Alwilk and Compact Disc World we were all in!

  • WDHA Tourbus Merch


    We saluted the 80’s with the Tourbus Show beginning in the mid 90’s and Ralph and Matt always had the BEST Merch. The tank tops were especially 80’s flavored!

  • WDHA Custom Condoms (yup....CONDOMS!)

    DHA Condoms

    Back in the 1980’s WDHA jumped on the safe sex train and sold :”Custom Condoms” in our Rock Shop at our Rt. 10/Randolph Studios! These mini insurance policies came in two convenient sizes. Regular and MAGNUM! And that’s all we are going to say about that……….!

  • WDHA Playlist Flyers


    In 1989 you could walk into any record store and many local businesses and find a “WDHA PLAYLIST” print out given away for free which showed tunes that were trending on the station and on our specialty shows like Metal Mania then hosted by Eddie Trunk and Jazz and More! Lots to read here ……this one from 1989!

  • WDHA NJ Rocks Vinyl!

    NJ Rocks Local Baby
    Born in the early 80’s WDHA NJ Rocks Vinyl (and CD) can still be found in local record stores! Featuring bands like Twisted Sister , Rat Race Choir and The Cucumbers, these vinyl gems are a NJ music lover must have! They are featured in two great record stores in Northern NJ – Factory Records and Sweet Vinyl!

  • The WDHA Satin Jacket

    While TC still wears hers like a “Solid Gold Dancer” the WDHA Satin Jacket is one of the rarest of items in the vintage stash…..Terrie actually BOUGHT hers when she interviewed for the job and it’s still in great shape!

  • BONUS ITEM- WDHA Boxers and Thongs!


    While we have always felt a sense of “intimacy” with our listeners, wearing WDHA where the sun don’t shine is such a great tribute to us. These boxers are especially VINTAGE as they were autographed by the late, great Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot…..