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You know the Christmas season has officially arrived when Gary Hoey comes to town!

After Gary’s success with a top 5 Billboard hit in 1993 with his cover of “Hocus Pocus,” he changed the world of Christmas music by applying his fiery guitar techniques to what would be the first Ho Ho Hoey album in 1995. It was 23 years ago that Gary recorded his first Ho Ho Hoey album on an eight track recorder in his bedroom after his mom said, “You need to record a nice Christmas album.” and he replied, “No, Mom, I need to record a rockin’ Christmas album!”

Little did he know he would be the first to adapt instrumental rock guitar to Christmas classics, creating a tradition for rock around the world. After selling hundreds of thousands of copies, what Gary is most proud of is all the fundraisers, food drives, clothing drives, Toys for Tots campaigns, helping the Wounded Warriors and American veterans he’s participated in that make it ao special.

Gary brings his annual “Ho-Ho-Hoey Rockin’ Holiday Tour” to New Jersey on Saturday November 26 with a show at the Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck.

Gary and Jim Monaghan talk favorite Christmas songs, a new idea Jim has for a Hallmark Christmas movie, and how musicians deal with a midlife crisis.

  • 5 of Gary Hoey's Best Christmas Songs

    If you’ve ever seen Gary Hoey live, you know how much fun and energy he brings to his shows, especially at Christmastime. Here are some of his best performances of holiday classics.

  • 1 - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

    Gary takes this classic from Brenda Lee and REALLY puts his own stamp on it!

  • 2 - Linus & Lucy

    Originally recorded by the amazing Vince Guaraldi, Gary takes the original jazzy piano version and turns it into a guitar-driven rock masterpiece.

  • 3 - Winter Wonderland

    It seems that everyone has recorded this one – from Tony Bennett to Bing Crosby to Amy Grant to the Eurythmics.

    NONE of them sound anything like this!

  • 4 - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

    Even in the cartoon TV special we all watched as kids, this song seemed to have a heavy edge to it. Gary’s version really brings that out.

  • 5 - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    He’ll be here soon…there’s still time to get off that naughty list!