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TC here and Dogust (my name for August) is my favorite month! And man is it starting out as a hot one with temps in the mid to upper 90’s again as the Summer of 2022 continues to cook.
Our animal loving listeners are the best and love their dogs so much, so I did my usual snooping to find out when should our pups resume more “indoor than outdoor activities”? And asked the question- HOW HOT IS TOO HOT FOR YOUR DOG?

Cooler Pup

Photo Credit Joe Frazz

  • When Is It Too Hot For A Walk?


    According to Pet Educate -80 degrees or more may be too hot for our best buds. Breed, size, weight and health also factor in. My pup Rosie has a bit of a “smush” to her face (probably because she has some Shit Zu in her) and she does not tolerate the heat at all. Walking in the sun in over 75 degree temps seems to bother her, so I pick times when I know she is comfortable, shaded and cool! 90 degree days can add up to 135 degree blacktop. Not cool for paw pads or puppy belly’s. Walking in the woods or on grass can be cooler than the pavement. And shorter walks are highly recommended, on grass if you don’t have a yard.

  • When Is It Too Hot Inside?

    Dogs seem to do well with shade and shelter but any temperature above 80 degrees indoors can be dangerous. Dogs also need plenty of cool fresh water to drink and cool flooring to lounge on also helps.
    It’s tempting to turn the AC up when we aren’t home, but keep in mind that temperatures that keep us cool and comfortable also work for our dogs.

  • Does A Pool Keep Our Pups Cool?


    Kiddie Pools can keep our pups cool but there are a few important things to remember-

    NEVER leave your pup unsupervised and don’t let them drink the water as they can become water intoxicated which can be life threatening. There was a recent story out of Canada that a heartbroken owner shared after losing her dog to water intoxication after drinking water in his kiddie pool.

    Always make sure the water level is low and your dogs face is not covered at all when they lay down.

    Best bet- do what I do…..get in the kiddie pool with your dog!

  • How Long Can My Dog Stay Tied Outside Or In A Car If I Have To Run An Errand?

    This one is simple- They Can’t- So Don’t. Never take a chance and leave your best friend unattended.

  • Can I Bust A Window If I See A Dog In A Car?

    I checked with my friend Meredith Petrillo who is an Animal Control Officer In Denville Township who gave me the lay of the law.

    Every township has a Humane Law Enforcement Officer who is in charge of investigating (and pressing charges) animal cruelty complaints which include dogs in hot cars. Immediately call local Police the minute you see a dog in a car. Many townships have signs posted (Denville does about Children and Dogs being left in cars) so please keep your eyes out and ears open for any pooch you see or hear barking and call the authorities immediately!

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