Jersey’s 5 Favorite Solo Artist Rock Songs.  There are a bunch of great ones, to put it mildly. Of course, to compile this list I turned to DHA listeners since they are true music connoisseurs and know a ton about great rock songs.

I posted the question of the day last week at 4 pm asking for the listener’s favorite solo artist rock songs.  Then, an hour later at 5 pm, I took those responses and put together a block of music for the ride home with First Call Last Call.  It’s always terrific reading through listener responses.  Not just because I’m lazy, which I am.  But also, because there are always some great answers mentioned that make me go “How’d I forget that one!!”

Solo Artists are a large category too.  Because there are artists who are strictly known by what they create on their own.  And then there are vocalists or guitarists from bands that branch own on their own to put out other music.  I always love it when a solo project is vastly different from the band the artist is in.  Because to me, if you’re going to make a solo record that sounds like your band……well, why not just write those songs and have your band record them?

It’s interesting too when it sounds different because you get to see a whole other side of an artist.  For instance, maybe they’re in a heavier or more experimental band and then they put out acoustic jams that are straightforward.  You get to see what they’re capable of, which is neat. 

I always have had a fondness for Chris Cornell’s solo material, because I loved Soundgarden, but I find it cool that Chris can then go out and play soft and slow and emotional like he does with some of his solo work.

Let’s take a look at Jersey’s 5 Favorite Solo Artist Rock Songs!


    Such a cool video to watch. And with strife inside the band, it’s no surprise DLR wanted to break away from VH and go out on his own. This is a really fun one too!


    This one has such a cool vibe to it.  Each section is catchy and out there and weird.  It works so well as a whole song though and Bowie really shines.


    Myles can sing anything.  His voice is other worldly and it was so cool to get this as the lead single from his first solo album!  It’s really hypnotic.


    SOOOOOO Very different from Slipknot.  And that is one of the things that makes this so cool to hear.  Corey has some great vocals on this one and really makes is an exciting tune.  Something unique!


    Soundgarden had such a unique sound…..and so did Chris’s other projects.  But his solo material really let his voice shine and showed off that he was a great songwriter!

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