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When it takes a band 15 years to put out an album of new material, expectations are usually high. And that’s the case for many fans of Extreme. When their new album “Six” was announced, most of us had very high expectations – especially after hearing lead single and opening track “Rise.” Well, now that the album is out it’s clear that Extreme certainly put a lot of effort into this release and while I wouldn’t want to wait 15 years again…..the wait was definitely worth it.
There’s so many tracks filled with blazing, aggressive, heavy riffs. But also, so more melodic, dare I say poppier and dramatic tracks which work just as well. It’s a great album with a ton of highlights.

Let’s take a look at some standout moments!

  • #REBEL

    Such a cool riff from Nuno to kick off the song. Cherone’s vocals are angry but catchy . This one is an earworm that will stick with you! Plus those vocal harmonies are epic!!


    A very emotional tune.  One about heartache and loss, yet it’s mixed with such hope and positivity. Nuno Bettencourt’s clean guitars are the perfect response to Cherone’s vocals.  This one is a glass half full ode to taking a chance on something good!



    It comes out of the gate with an almost electronic feel.  This synth pulse mixed with the bands playing that sounds tight as all hell!  Then, Cherone has a massive chorus that will get stuck in your head!  Oh and if you thought there couldn’t be a solo on this album that could rival “Rise”, just wait!!!!



    So, this one doesn’t rock heavy.  Actually, it’s not a banger at all.  Except for the fact that it is Extreme’s answer to a fun, upbeat, Summer song.  If you didn’t think you needed that – you do.  You definitely do!

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