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I thought this would be a great overlooked gem to bring up if you’re into hard rock/metal. The band only put out one release before there lead singer was tragically killed in a car crash. But man, does this album have some insane energy and excitement throughout – mixed with great musicianship and the instantly recognizable voice. I’m talking about the band SNOT and their debut album “Get Some.”

For those of you not familiar with Lynn Strait and company, you have been missing out on an extremely diverse, eclectic and heavy album, filled with so many standout moments. Lynn’s voice was so deep and raspy when he was angry, but so mellow and almost funky on other tracks. The band infused hip hop, funk, and laid back chill music, among other tracks that were uptempo metal, with screams and powerful choruses. It really deserves at least one listen. Beware though……it contains very explicit lyrics at times.

Let’s take a look at some standout tracks!


    It’s amazing how one song could be so chill and laid back with a massive groove that somehow melds right into a heavy chorus with screams and powerful vocals. A really unique tune.



    With intriguingly painful lyrics and a vicious melody, this song is a rocker.  Also note the massive scream at the end.  Lynn was so good at changing his voice on a dime!



    In the middle of this in-your-face punkish, metal onslaught, there’s a country, twang filled breakdown. If this one doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will!


    This one gets heavy, angry and yet at moments….almost trippy.  Such a magical blend.


    This is a bonus song I thought I’d throw on this list.  It’s part of Dee Snider’s Strangeland Movie Soundtrack.  To me, nobody sounds like this.  It’s got so many great elements and it’s in your face heavy.  Enjoy!

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