OCEANPORT, NJ - JUNE 14: Governor of New Jersey Phil Murphy places the first bet at the William Hill Sports Book at Monmouth Park as it opens and welcomes public to place first legal sports bets on June 14, 2018 in Oceanport, New Jersey.

Just as many of us at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2023 have decided to make some changes in our lives, New Jersey has done the same. The Garden State will be implementing new laws that will go into effect this month or in the later months of 2023, per NJ Advance Media. According to the publication, Gov. Phil Murphy signed these laws in the past year but many don’t go into effect immediately.

Take a look at some new state laws that will go into effect sometime this year:

  • Higher Auto Insurance

    Thanksgiving Travel Expected To Reach Near Pre-Pandemic Volume

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    New Jerseyans will be facing a higher insurance rate which took effect on Jan. 1. According to the outlet, Jersey drivers will spend $125 more a year for insurance, according to industry officials.

  • Concealed-carry gun restrictions

    Gunmaker Smith & Wesson Reports Drop In Quarterly Earnings

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    Last year, Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law that people could not carry guns into “sensitive areas” about six months after the U.S. Supreme Court made it easier to get a gun permit. “Sensitive areas” include “schools, courthouses, child care centers, nursing homes, polling places, government buildings, hospitals, bars, and restaurants where alcohol is served, airports, parks, beaches, demonstrations, movie theaters, casinos, and other entertainment centers,” NJ Advance Media previously reported.

    Murphy’s decision on stopping people from carrying guns into “sensitive places” took effect Dec. 22; other provisions are slated to be phased in over the coming months, the publication reports.

  • Teens can work longer hours

    Homeschooling Challenged by Social Inequality and Poor Internet Service in Caracas

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    According to the outlet, a new law will allow teens who are 16 and 17 work up to 50 hours per week during the summer in New Jersey. Previously, teens could only work up to 40 hours.

    This took effect on Jan. 1.

  • Voter privacy

    In this new voter privacy law that Gov. Murphy signed back in July, it states that polling stations in New Jersey “will have privacy sleeves for the printed ballot so poll workers or anybody nearby can’t see who you voted for in between the time it takes to slide your ballot into the scanner.” The law (A3817) also lets registered voters update their name and address online.

    This took effect on Jan. 1.

  • Registering a firearm/Tracking ammunition

    Winnenden Shootings Spark Gun Control Debate

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    Murphy signed a new law in July that will require gun owners in New Jersey to register their firearms purchased from out of state. He also signed another gun-related law that will make “manufacturers and dealers to keep a detailed electronic record of handgun ammunition sales in New Jersey and report them to the State Police.”

    Both are to go into effect on Feb. 1.

  • Entertainment venues and places of worship to have active shooter plan

    Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants

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    Places of worship that have more than 500 seats, entertainment venues with more than 1,000 seats, and entertainment facilities including sports arenas with more than 5,000 seats are to soon set up with first responders and local law enforcement a plan of action in case of a mass shooting.

    This law will take effect on June 1.

  • Unemployment benefits

    Apple Holds Annual Worldwide Developers Conference

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    This new law will make getting unemployment benefits for out-of-work New Jersey residents obtained faster. It is also supposed to extend the time for appeals and increase the fine for employers who make it harder to gain information about claims.

    This law takes effect on July 31.

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