The 80s had some great music. From New Wave to Metal and more! Let’s take a look at 5 Awesome Hair Bands According To Jersey!  Always a favorite of WDHA listeners – hair bands just rock!

So where did my info come from?  Well, I posted my Question of the Day, looking for your favorite 80’s Hair Bands. That hit the DHA Facebook page at 4 pm.  Listeners commented for a while and then at 5 pm, it was time to put together a block of tunes for First Call Last Call to kick off the ride home at 5 pm.  Reading listener responses is always cool and exciting. Some listeners give some interesting insight as to why they picked their band or song.  And then of course it’s helpful to me because there’s always an answer I come across where I think, wow I forgot about that!!!

We here in Jersey love our 80’s hair band music.  From Poison to Winger. It was so good.  So many of those bands could play well.  The musicianship was often next level.  The songs were fun.  It was pure rock n roll. And there was something for everyone.  Whether you wanted a hard rocker or a softer-sounding power ballad, those bands brought it all!

Sadly, for some of those bands,  their time at the top was short-lived because with the 90’s came grunge and a new movement in rock.  However, those 80s tunes live on both in our hearts and of course right here on your favorite radio station WDHA!

For many of our listeners the years those hair bands were out, they were in high school or kind of grew up with them.  Not all our listeners, but a good amount.  And I think that’s why those bands hold a soft spot in many listeners’ hearts.

Let’s take a look at 5 Awesome Hair bands According to Jersey!


    These guys are still churning out music. Their Netflix biopic, the DIRT was really cool and they just brought it back in the 80’s with some absolute bangers!


    Straight out of L.A., these guys knew how to write some great hits.  There were also a lot of lineup changes as the 80’s were coming to a close.  However their music still holds up now!


    Bret Michaels and company had a very spandex-loving look.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But while they were heavy on makeup early on, they were also heavy on hits.  Their best of album is amazing to listen to!


    Tom Keifer is such a cool dude and I feel like Cinderella doesn’t get all the respect they deserve.  They really knew how to write an epic power ballad!

  • RATT

    Another California band that had a massive decade.  their sound was unique and they brought some really cool songwriting to the game!


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