Losing a furry family member is one of the toughest things to go through. Especially when they are in failing health and you just are not sure when enough is too much. TC here and many of you became familiar with my dogs Scarlet and then Rosie over the years.
From their barking in the studio, to hanging at events and social media posts, the WDHA listeners have been more than kind to my pups gifting them, sending them cards……just amazing.

In 2021 I knew I was close to losing Scarlet. Kidney failure left her frail and very ill. I took her to the vet weekly for injections to help but unfortunately that didn’t last long. It was time to let her go. Me and Rosie were with her as she took her last breath and as many of you know, you feel like you will never recover. I had my best buddy for sixteen years and she traveled many roads with me. I could never imagine having another dog. As much as I love them.

Rosie mourned her big sister hard. She would stand in Scarlet’s cage and look at me as if to say “where did she go’? But I wasn’t ready. PLUS, Rosie is very alpha and isn’t a big fan of other dogs. She has two neighborhood friends and only loved her big sister. Nope- I thought I am a one dog person now. There is no one else that can come into the house. I just can’t.

Fast forward four months. And I am gearing up to Zoom with the incredible Bass Legend RUDY SARZO (Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio and more) and I know before we start we will talk about dogs! Rudy is a HUGE animal advocate and Yorkie dad with his Yorkie pups Tori (deceased) and now Baby Willow – Rudy is a rescue hero and dog lover.
In fact Rudy met Rosie while appearing at a convention with Frankie Banali who was helping me gain attention for some NJ Shelter pups!
When I got into the Zoom with Rudy for the interview – BAM- I received a message from my friend Meredith at the Denville Animal Shelter telling me that a teacup Yorkie named Star had been dropped off at the shelter. She was very small, sweet, submissive and was I interested in her? NO, I thought…I’m not ready- I told Rudy about the situation- I’ll never forget his words…..”Terrie, she is small…..she is in a shelter. Probably scared. GO GET HER…..Foster her…She lost her family, she needs someone like you”. “GO GET HER”…….
That last sentence stayed with me. I couldn’t forget Rudy’s words- “GO GET HER- SHE NEEDS YOU”-
I texted Meredith at the shelter as soon as the interview ended- and said “Me and Rosie will be there to meet her tomorrow”…..While there were many steps after that, to foster and adopt Star, I always think if I had not had Rudy on that Zoom I may have decided differently. I began fostering Star after two meetings at the shelter where Rosie “didn’t beat her up”! lol
I’m glad I took Rudy’s advice…..not only did she need us, but we needed her…..Thanks Rudy!

Star is a gift. Sweet, friendly and loves everyone she meets and especially her very bossy older sister. Rosie is happy to have a buddy again.

Below are some steps to get used to a new family member- And Happy National Dog Day to all of our beloved dogs past and present- TC

  • If You Have Another Dog Set Up A Meeting At A Neutral Location

    Me and Rosie went to Denville Animal Shelter (Rosie’s first real home!) and hung in the doggie play yard twice before I brought Star to my house. Meeting on neutral turf is important. Especially for a very bossy dog like Rosie!


    Star at the shelter

  • Don't Expect Your New Pup To Be "Who They Are" Immediately


    Star Carr

    When Star first came home she paced, didn’t know where to go to the bathroom and who she could trust. She went from her home, to the shelter, to my home…..LOTS of change for a five pound pup. She was scared to be touched on her back too, so we took it SLLLLOOOOOWWW…  Here is where you eat, your leash, your space….


  • Patience and Routines are Key



    It has been said that it takes two weeks to three months for a dog to decompress from being in a shelter (depending on the dog and their past) For us it was close to three months for Star. It has been AMAZING to see her dynamic personality come out and now she is the STAR of my neighborhood with so many dog and people friends. She is also a hilarious watchdog at under 9 pounds, barking whenever she hears a peep out of the ordinary. Routines make life easier for both you and your dog!


  • Establish Boundaries As Soon As Possible With Your Pups


    It’s always a challenge with multiple pups. Let the boss be the boss and give the dogs space to figure out how they can live together. Rosie corrected Star quite a bit. Star took it. Now we have the boss sister and the baby sister. And DON’T be afraid to ask a trainer for help if you have issues.

  • Keep Your Pups Memories Alive

    We think Of Scarlet every day. And are grateful Star is carrying on her legacy.


    The Girls