As we get the week started, I thought we could take a look at an album that didn’t get as much love as it should have when it came out. The band is COLD and we’re going to talk about their third album, released in 2003, called “Year of The Spider.”
Now, it does have arguably their most well known song on it – Stupid Girl (ft. Rivers Cuomo of Weezer). So you might be thinking, how could this be an overlooked gem? Well, after all these years, COLD still doesn’t get the attention they deserve.
They have developed their own very unique sound, delivering A+ albums time after time again.
Vocalist Scooter Ward has his own very distinct voice that easily blends from melodic to near raspy screaming. The band always sounds polished and the songs seem carefully crafted. This album in particular doesn’t have a weak moment, which is a nice feat for studio release #3 for a band.

Let’s check out some standout moments, so you can get a sample of what you’re missing out on if you’re not familiar with this album or even band in general.


    The song starts out with a hypnotic guitar riff that draws the listener win. Ward’s vocals sound almost irritated with his heart ripped out, but the melody is what really shines. The back up vocals help too. It’s a great tune.



    This one has a big riff that kicks in with a swingy-feel while maintaining a heavy edge to it.  The back up vocals by Rivers Cuomo aren’t overbearing and Ward seems to be singing about a girl he loves or maybe loves to hate.  At about 2:07 listen for that massive chanting breakdown.  So Epic!!



    Kicking off with a giant bass riff that carries the song.  Yet another one filled with emotion.  You can feel the lyrics almost screaming at you, despite them being sang melodically.   There’s true emotion here and you can feel it upon first listen.


    Even though this one has a quicker tempo, there’s still a sadness to it.  COLD is able to blend melancholy with poppy, upbeat choruses so effortlessly.  This one has some great guitar work and a hook that sinks into you!



    I’m not sure if this one is specifically about Kurt Cobain or just a singer/musician trying to make it that winds up ending it all.  Either way, this one is so sad, yet explosive.  And Scooter Ward sings his heart out here!

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