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Summer Rockers! The songs of summer. Hey friends, It’s Terrie Carr and I wait for this time of year because I love being a summer jukebox for WDHA listeners. As we head into the summer of 2024 (and a massive New Jersey heatwave) I decided to celebrate the summer with a WDHA Coffee Break theme and highlight some “cool” summer rockers. These are songs that just SOUND better between May and September. They signify that summer has hit the state of New Jersey and we are ready.

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Even the dogs enjoy a cool summer play list!

Summer Rockers – Picking The List 

I tried to keep the song list diverse with classics, metal, the ’80s, and ’90s, current-based music, and some super fun jams.  20 Summer Songs was tough so I “jammed” in a few more! There is something about summer rock too. It gives us a feeling of youth, freedom, and fun. The days are longer, and you can make an excuse to do just about anything that is “just a little more fun”- After all “IT’S SUMMER”! 

Summer in New Jersey is a state favorite. Outdoor Concerts, Beaches, Lakes, Outdoor Dining, Day Trips, Who Remembers These Vintage NJ Day Trips? Parks, Parking Lot Parties, Pools, and more are events that we cannot partake in during the colder months, so summer is a time we wait all year for. 

And of course, WDHA is your summer buddy – for tunes, events, concerts, and more. Download the WDHA App and take us with you wherever you go. Download The WDHA App Here

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Me on the beach- yup- that’s my foot- away from the crowd!

So get out your WDHA beach towel and I hope you have the BEST summer ever- Filled with family, friends, music, WDHA shenanigans, and good health. 

Check out my list below and listen all week for the WDHA Coffee Break at 10:50a to hear summer rockers songs on the radio! 

 My Summer Rockers List 

  • 1. Van Halen- Summer Nights

    There are multiple VH tunes that could make the summer list- “Beautiful Girls”, “Ice Cream Man” …..BUT Summer Nights takes the warm weather beach cake. “Summer Nights and My Radio- That’s All We Need Baby, Don’t Cha Know”? Perfect.

  • 2. Joe Satriani- Summer Song

    Satch RULES! The quintessential summer instrumental- to be played loud and often.

  • 3. Y&T- Summertime Girls

    Summertime in the 80’s! This tune and video captures the moment better than anything! Big hair, half shirts, the beach, and the giant boombox.

  • 4. The Cars- Magic

    From 1984’s “Heartbeat City” – “Magic” From the underrated CARS IS summer- The song opens with the word “Summer”……Enough said.

  • 5. Danzig- Dirty Black Summer

    I absolutely had to have some ‘dark” summer appreciation on the list! Danzig’s metal crooning and brooding ROCK – if you never want to see the sun- this one’s for you!

  • 6. Highly Suspect- Summertime Voodoo

    One of my NEW fave summer jams, I’m obsessed with this new tune from “Highly Suspect” from their forthcoming release- “As Above, So Below”. The chunky, fuzzy guitar sound is back with the band and it’s a summer vibe song that is absolutely KILLER.

  • 7. Southside Johnny and The Jukes- On The Beach

    One of the most underrated New Jersey anthems- Southside and The Jukes are legends and “On The Beach” is one if my all-time summertime classics. The NJ sound on this song is unmatched.

  • 8. Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band- Night Moves

    “Night Moves” transports me back to summer nights every time I hear it.
    “In The Summertime- In the Sweet Summertime, Summertime”. The best.

  • 9. Don Henley- Boys Of Summer

    Don Henley gave us one of the greatest songs with “Boys Of Summer”. It’s dazzling. It always reminds me of the end of the summer with the lyrics “Nobody’s On the Road, Nobody’s On the Beach”….”Summer’s Out Of Reach”….. It’s such a moving song.

  • 10. Alice Cooper- School's Out

    Signifying the official beginning of summer! “School’s Out” to me was the original classic summer anthem. Kicking off the summer for generation after generation.

  • 11. Billy Idol- Hot In The City

    “On a HOT Summer Night”- Billy Idol brings the 80’s, goth, MTV heat on this one. Love when he yells – “NEW YORK” too!

  • 12. Bruuuuuuuce- 4th Of July - Asbury Park

    I could have put 20 Bruce tunes on this list, because beach, Bruce and Jersey heat ARE the summer, (I especially like Backstreets- he mentions Terry….and Racing In The Street too) but 4th of July- Asbury Park IS the quintessential summer Springsteen song.

  • 13. Led Zeppelin- Down By The Seaside

    An under appreciated Led Zeppelin masterpiece, “Down By The Seaside” from Physical Graffiti mentions the boats, the little fish and brings the feeling of summer. I especially love this song because it really shows the limitless Led Zeppelin in a different light and gives us yet another side of this epic band.

  • 14. The Alarm- Rain In The Summertime

    The Alarm is an amazing band. Underrated, Under appreciated and a constant deliverer of fantastic sounds, when I hear “Rain In The Summertime” it makes me feel like I am experiencing a warm, rainy day in the summer. This song is so moving and beautiful. Listen to it this summer , when it rains.

  • Bon Jovi- 99 In The Shade

    The perfect heatwave 80’s banger- “99 In The Shade” , from Bon Jovi’s – “New Jersey” just feels like summer in New Jersey. I always get requests for it during the summer heat.

  • 16. Kinks- Sunny Afternoon

    The Kinks kicking back for the ultimate “lazing” song. Fun, quirky lyrics, and a summertime chorus, this tune is perfect when you are kicking back and just don’t give a crap.

  • 17. Bryan Adams- Summer of '69

    Remembering the “best days”, guitars and summertime, this nostalgic summer song from Bryan Adams brings us back to a simple time and there’s no way not to sing along.

  • 18. Violent Femmes- Blister In The Sun

    “Blister In the Sun” makes you want to move. An 80’s punk/new wave anthem, it’s a great summer party song.

  • 19. ELO - Mr. Blue Sky

    It’s ELO! No explanation needed- Listen and get instantly happy!

  • 20. The B52's- Rock Lobster

    One of the greatest punk beach jams of all time, “Rock Lobster” is a banger! A punk song about a rocking crustacean? Sign me up! So fun.

  • 21. Incubus- Wish You Were Here

    “Wish You Were Here” from Incubus is an absolutely gorgeous song- It starts out with “I Dig My Toes Into the Sand, The Ocean Looks Like A Thousand Diamonds, Strewn Across A Blue Blanket” . One of the most beautiful beach descriptions ever. And the song rocks. So many flavors to this one- It had to make the list.

  • 22. Sublime- Doin' Time

    The ultimate “chillaxin” tune for summer- Sampling the George Gershwin classic “Summertime” ,  from Porgy and Bess, it’s one of the most unique, vibe songs of summer. And you can hear the late Bradley Nowell’s beloved companion “Lou Dog” (his Dalmation) bark at the end. LOVE!

  • 13. Janis Joplin - Summertime

    Epic…in every way…covering the original referenced above.

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