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People ignore symptoms when they’re sick for several reasons. Some are simply in denial or scared of what a diagnosis could mean for their lives. They’d rather pretend nothing is wrong than face the truth. And then there are those who just don’t realize how serious their symptoms are. They brush them off as minor annoyances that will go away on their own.

Our busy lives also come into play. We’re so caught up in work and other responsibilities that we put our health on the back burner. It’s like we convince ourselves that we don’t have time to deal with it, hoping the symptoms will magically disappear. Plus, the cost of healthcare can be a huge deterrent. People worry about the financial burden of doctor visits, tests, and treatments, so they choose to tough it out instead.

Talker, a research company, along with OnePoll on behalf of Mucinex, conducted a poll of 2,000 people that revealed the top symptoms people ignore when they are sick. According to their study, around 48 percent of those surveyed brush off symptoms like cold sweats or chills. About 46 percent of people ignore a fever, while the study also revealed that 21 percent of people don’t even acknowledge the presence of green mucus.

Also found in this study is that even though people experience these obvious signs like body aches (46 percent) or a serious cough (19 percent), it takes them two whole days before they finally admit that something might be wrong with them. Interestingly, almost three in five people use the excuse of “it’s just allergies” to explain away their symptoms.

It turns out, one-third would write off a sore or scratchy throat as just allergies, while only 16 percent would acknowledge that they might be sick. Another 14 percent would even go as far as blaming the weather for their discomfort.

“We want to remind people that taking care of their health should always be a top priority, and that includes taking the time to rest and recover when necessary,” Albert So, marketing director of Mucinex, said. “It’s important to understand your body and your symptoms so you can choose the right medication to address your needs.”

Take a look at the complete study here.

These are 5 surprising symptoms people ignore when they’re sick.

  • Cold sweats or Chills

    Chills and cold sweats can be uncomfortable. Chills feel like a sudden wave of cold running through your body, making you shiver. Cold sweats, on the other hand, are when you start sweating but your skin feels cold and damp instead of warm. Some people may not immediately associate these symptoms with something serious. They might attribute them to temporary factors such as being in a cold environment or wearing too many layers of clothing. People may underestimate the significance of cold sweats or chills, especially if they are not accompanied by other noticeable symptoms. They may assume it’s just a passing discomfort that doesn’t require medical attention.

    Female with chills lying on a couch

    Tibanna79/ Getty Images

  • Fever

    When you have a fever, your body temperature rises above its normal range, which is typically around 98.6°F (37°C). Fevers can vary in severity and may range from mild to high-grade, depending on the underlying cause. Sometimes, people ignore a fever for a few reasons. They might think it’s just a common cold or flu and believe it’ll go away on its own. It’s important to remember that a fever can be a sign that the body is fighting an infection or an underlying health condition.

    Woman blowing nose and checking body temperature

    Paolo Cordoni/ Getty Images

  • Body Aches

    When you experience body aches, you may feel soreness, tenderness, or a general sense of discomfort in your muscles, joints, or other areas. People may dismiss body aches because they may think it’s just a normal part of everyday life and not something to be concerned about. Some may believe their body aches are due to factors like physical exertion, tiredness, or overexertion during exercise. Also, if someone has experienced them before and they have resolved on their own.

    Woman lying on a bed waking up suffering back ache at home or hotel room

    AntonioGuillem/ Getty Images

  • Green Mucus

    Some people may believe that the color of mucus is not a reliable indicator of an illness. While green mucus can be associated with certain infections or respiratory conditions, it’s not always a definite sign of a serious problem. People may assume that it’s normal and will resolve on its own.

    Young woman blowing nose while working in the office.

    Drazen Zigic/ Getty Images

  • Serious Cough

    This kind of cough can disrupt your daily life, mess with your sleep, and leave you feeling exhausted. People ignore serious coughs for a few reasons. Some think it’ll go away on its own or believe it’s just a minor issue like a cold or allergies. Others worry about the cost or hassle of going to the doctor. There’s also the fear of getting a serious diagnosis that can make people hesitant to seek help.

    Sick man coughing in his arm joint

    klebercordeiro/ Getty Images

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