Hi Friends,

TC here and 2022 was a FANTASTIC year for rock. My intention was to do a 10 faves list, then 20 which grew to 26!
Trust me, I could have kept going.

To me there is no “best of”. It’s music. It’s what YOU like, but I grabbed a few of my favorites (in no particular order) as I was turned on to so much music this year.

Some of my faves like Ozzy and Korn, new bands turned my head like Eva Under Fire and there were some surprises like Mark Tremont’s triumphant Sinatra covers record and a “lost”Smithereens release!
Here are 26 of my favorites of the year…..

  • Dorothy- Gifts From The Holy Ghost

    Dorothy’s third record is amazing. Sobriety, Spirituality and Songwriting rule this triumphant release.
    Dorothy Martin is a rock star. And damn, we need ROCK STARS! Every track is perfection. I listen to the title track when I need a kick in the ass!

    Rest In Peace

  • Crobot- Feel This

    Rock’s best kept secret, this magnificent band out of PA has put together their best release to date.  Their electrifying live performances come through on the album. Electrified, Livin’ On The Streets and Better Tines make this the party record of the year! And the Chris Cornell inspired “Golden” is a great departure for the band.



  • Coheed and Cambria- Vaxis II - A Window of The Waking Mind

    The bands 10th that circles back to the Armory Wars concept does not disappoint. Claudio’s songwriting themes cover covid, relationships and everything we love about this unique, ground breaking band.

  • Ghost- Impera

    The fifth by the Swedish ghouls of Ghost is my favorite from the band with deeper lyrical content but still that heavy, poppy, fun theme running through. This record is a must listen to from top to bottom.


  • The Warning- Error

    In my top 3 of the year Dani, Ale and Pau are three young sisters changing the game. They are MONSTER live and accomplished as songwriters on the sleeper record of the year. Don’t know this band? YOU SHOULD!

    This is the future of rock- No BS. All talent.



  • Korn- Requiem

    9 amazing tracks- only one over 4 minutes- 25 years after they began, Korn is still killing it.

    From start to finish it’s classic KORN with a bit more polish. Epic.

    Start The Healing

  • Eva Under Fire- Love, Drugs & Misery

    Metal, Pop, Industrial, Straight Ahead Rock (And a  U2 cover) Eva Under Fire is a highly underrated Detroit band who put out a record that is pure dynamite this year.  “Blow” is the single climbing the charts, but the record is much more than that one tune. Check them out!

  • Halestorm- Back From The Dead

    Another triumph from Lzzy and the boys.  A BANGER, the themes of mental health, breaking free and survival are evident.  Aggressive and pure, this is one of the best records of the year.

    Back From The Dead

  • Skid Row- The Gangs All Here

    New vocalist Erik Gronwall adds a great dynamic to New Jersey’s hard rockers Skid Row, bringing back the sleazy, aggressive sound that made the band famous. Sounding like classic SR, this record is a killer straight ahead rock jam! I love it!

  • Disturbed- Divisive

    This is Disturbed 2.5 on steroids! Another killer battle cry record, this was worth the four year wait.  In Disturbed fashion, the “surprise” is the bands collaboration with Ann Wilson on “Don’t Tell Me” which is one of the most perfect pairings between two epic vocalists.  Thank You to David and the band for a much needed head banging head trip!

    Bad Man

  • Shaman's Harvest- Rebelator

    Heavy riffs, mixed with killer vocals, with a hint of metal and a dash of southern flavor….Shaman’s Harvest is one of rock music’s most underrated hard rock bands.  The bands seventh record NEEDS TO BE HEARD!

    Nate Hunt is one of rock’s best current based vocalists and his performance on their first record in five years is intense. The hardest record of the bands career, they are another sleeper band. Don’t sleep past grabbing or downloading this amazing record.


  • Soraia - Bloom

    This band just keeps getting better and better. Pure rock and roll. Period. Everything about them screams “LET’s ROCK”!

    I’m a massive Zou Zou fan- She brings raw energy, class and charisma to every performance. In the vein of Joan, Debbie, Lzzy and Pat.  They are starting to discover their amazing visual elements too which is so cool. And their cover of Strutter is INSANE!



  • Alter Bridge- Pawns & Kings

    How F’in talented is this band??!! My god, I was blown away on first listen of this bands 7th release.
    This may be my favorite record of the year.

    10 tracks with AB fifth member producer Michael “Elvis” Baskett at the helm again, heavy and harmonious, storytelling, epic, there are hints of AB past and some of the hardest rocking tunes of the bands career. Absolutely amazing.

  • Giovannie and The Hired Guns- Tejano Punk Boyz

    Country, Pop, 90’s Punk, talent, humor, Giovannie Yanez and his band of talented friends and family are electrifying live and embracing their heritage, history and influences on one of the. most unique records of the year.

    The first single “Ramon Ayala” went to #1 on both the rock and alternative charts because it’s that good! A smash hit with a killer chorus that to me was the song of the summer.  I was obsessed with getting them for our Parking Lot Party series. The rest of the record delivers times ten.

    Ramon Ayala

  • Bush- The Art Of Survival

    A band that gets better with age, (especially live) the “Art Of Survival”  is Bush evolved. This record is super heavy and Gavin’s vocals are some of his best ever. Top notch songwriting and phenomenal production by Erik Ron and Tyler Bates. Gavin is a rock star survivor.

    More Than Machines


  • The Black Keys- Dropout Boogie

    Eleven records in the duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney are the masters of simple yet slick, raw and real but still fun and fierce. With a guest appearance from Billy Gibbons (whose fuzzy guitar influence is a thread through the record) these guys don’t overthink or overplay.

    Wild Child

  • Mark Tremonti- Tremonti Sings Sinatra

    Astounding accomplishment from the uber talented Mark Tremonti who decided to partner his LOVE for NJ’s own Frank Sinatra with the love of his beautiful daughter Stella and also partner with the National Down syndrome Society in honor of his incredible darling daughter.

    14 uncanny songs that would make Frank smile, Mark proves once again he is one of the most talented men in music. And one of music’s most humble, beautiful people.  Recorded with members of Sinatra’s touring band, this record is beauty. My go to release of the year. Simply magical.

    I’ve Got You Under My Skin

  • Nothing More- Spirits

    Heavy, aggressive and emotional, Nothing More hit it out of the park with their fifth release.
    They are also amazing so don’t miss them when they come to your area!

    Tired Of Winning

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers- Unlimited Love- Return Of The Dream Canteen

    Two Chili Peppers albums this year! Combining them both in one post. There are different aspects I like about both of these releases. The return o John Frusciante, a look back at artists they loved including Eddie Van Halen and Rock Rubin producing both records are interesting and worthy of making the list.

    Tippa My Tongue

  • Shinedown- Planet Zero

    Deep in content, heavy in structure and in typical Shinedown fashion, Planet Zero doesn’t disappoint.
    Tackling mental health, social media and more another custom made for live performance Shinedown record was definitely needed this year. And man did they deliver.

    Planet Zero

  • The Pretty Reckless- Other Worlds

    Acoustic recordings, covers and cool stripped down vibes make this a whole new look and feel for a band that has been banging for quite some time. I LOVE their stripped down version of “Death By Rock and Roll’s” – 25 and their amazing covers including Soundgarden and Bowie and Elvis Costello.

    Loud Love

  • Three Days Grace- Explosions

    This band continues to grow and write rock radio anthems. Opening with “So Called Life” the heavy feel and melodic song listing of the seventh TDG record doesn’t disappoint. Looking to rock? Explosions is a great place to start. And “Lifetime” shows a beautiful and different side to the band.


  • Five Finger Death Punch- AfterLife

    AfterLife came out in August and is chock full of the heavy fun and attitude that we love about FFDP with their usual curves like “Times Like These” thrown in for the bands “softer side”.
    This record though is definitely more diverse that their others. The opening track “Welcome To The Circus” sets the tone for one of the bands best.

    Welcome To The Circus

  • Fozzy- Boom Box

    Great riffs, a powerful ballad and a cool cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax”, Boombox takes Chris and his band (that features a few new members) to the next level.

    I Still Burn

  • Ozzy Osbourne- Patent Number 9

    If this is Ozzy’s final release it’s a solid one! Guitar heaven with Zakk, Clapton, Jeff Beck and more lending their talents to this well written career milestone for Ozzy which gained him 4 Grammy Nominations.

    Patient Number 9

  • The Smithereens - The Lost Album

    5 years after we lost Pat and nearly 30 years after recording it, the band recorded these gems in 1993 when they were in between record deals and man, I’m glad they did. Traveling back in time to hear their magical melodies, Pat’s vocals, vintage style and rock pop feel, this was one of the best surprises of the year!

    Out Of This World

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