Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Terrie Carr’s Rock N’ Ruff Roundtable

Rosie Carr is ready for Easter- Candy Free!

Here comes the holidays! It’s TC wishing you a happy and merry whatever you celebrate and with Thanksgiving heading our way, before you let your best furry friend grab a scrap from the holiday meal, here are a few reminders on what’s cool to nibble on and what should be avoided at all costs for our pups. Doggie Do’s and Don’ts.
I spoke to a few veterinary friends, and also according to the American Kennel Club website, reminded myself of some of the yummy things we can offer our dogs (Rosie loves Turkey by the way…does your dog?) and we always want to proceed with just a few tastes as taking a dog away from their day to day diet is never a good idea for them or us!
I also hope you can spend some time with your pup over the holiday as I always think they feel the magic of the seasons and get into the vibe! Rosie (and my late dogs Scarlet and Star did too) loves watching me decorate the tree, cook in the kitchen and she really loves having guests over when she can get extra attention, see her old family pals and make new friends. I’m telling you- The dogs feel it too!
Personally I never like to give any kind of sweets or desserts to my dogs regardless of if my vet thinks they may pass the test. Desserts and dogs don’t really mix, but let’s explore a few of the obvious choices. Now if you have fed your dog say Turkey and it didn’t agree with them, stay away. Rosie does fine with chicken and turkey spread on top of her Go Solutions food that I get from my friends at Home Towne Pet Shoppe. Home Towne Pet Shoppe
And I’ll include some of Rosie Carr’s favorite holiday foods on the list!
Happy “Dog-Friendly” Thanksgiving! And don’t forget to check out our Rock N’ Ruff Page – WDHA’s Rock N’ Ruff
AND pet tips on the Rock N’Ruff Roundtable TC’s RNR Roundtable
TC and Rosie

  • Turkey (DO)

    White or dark turkey meat is fine, but it must be unseasoned, no skin and NO BONES! Bones are a choking hazard and can cause obstruction and other serious issues and skin can cause pancreatitis which can be deadly in some pups.

  • Green Beans (DO)

    Yummy Yummy for our dogs! Filled with vitamins and good fiber green beans are fine, just set some aside before you season with butters and creams.

  • Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and Casserole Items (DON'T)

    Hard Pass! Aside from digestive issues, casserole items aren’t great choices for our dogs with their vast ingredients and your dogs unknown potential reaction to some of them.

  • Onions (DON'T)

    Onions can be toxic for many dogs.

  • Pumpkin and Sweet Potato (DO)

    Pumpkin and Sweet Potato are great for vitamins and digestion, just not in pie form with sugar and spices. Plain is the name of the game. Rosie Carr LOVES sweet potatoes! Yummy!

  • Alcohol (DON'T)

    Don’t even think about it. Toxic for dogs.  That’s why dogs are smarter than us. They don’t do drunk stuff!

  • Dessert (DON'T)

    Unless it’s specifically made for your dog. Keep in mind artificial sweetener is toxic for dogs as well as is chocolate.


  • Cranberry Sauce (DON'T)

    Too much sugar and can contain fruits like raising or dried fruits that can be considered toxic.

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