Lindsay Martin- Drummer for Lilith Czar - photo credit- Joe Frazz

It’s Terrie Carr and with the return of the Queens Of Noise last week I wanted to focus on something equally as cool as a woman fronting a band and that’s a woman in the band!
The drummer is literally the heartbeat of every musical outfit. And the ROCK drummer has a unique flair for both the rhythm and charisma of the band they perform in.
Drums are so powerful and the women who play drums are pure, raw power.
The absolute backbone.
Here are some of my favorite rock women behind the kit. Women who both inspired and inspire me!

  • Sandy West - The Runaways

    Sandy was a founding member of one of my favorite all-girl bands “The Runaways” and was probably the first woman (besides Karen Carpenter) I ever saw behind the kit. She actually scared me! lol.
    The 1970’s were a time when the women took a lot of crap from the guys, but the Runaways were a force to be reckoned with. AND they were teenagers! Rest In Peace Sandy- we lost her to Cancer in 2006.

  • Cindy Blackman Santana

    Many know Cindy from her 18 years touring and performing with Lenny Kravitz.
    I remember not being able to take my eyes off her. Man, can she hit! Cindy has played with rockers, jazz performers and has her own solo career.

    She became Santana’s touring drummer and ultimately Carlos Santana’s wife in 2010. She’s a talent and a trailblazer.



  • Lindsay Martin- Lilith Czar

    Lindsay Martin blew my doors off twice the past year when I saw her drumming for Lilith Czar.  I did some research on her and found her website and  I now know why! Lindsay has been playing music since she was 6, was introduced to Zeppelin at 9 and according to her website has drum tech’d for some of rock’s most influential drummers including Kenny Aronoff, Tommy Lee and Ringo Starr. Lindsay is proud to wear her “trailblazer” title and volunteers at a children’s music summer camp and she is so mesmerizing to watch. A true rockstar in her own right for sure!


  • Hayley Cramer - Pop Evil

    I adore Miss Hayley. She is a powerhouse on the drums and I remember when PE performed at our acoustic “Pop Evil Pre-Game” intimate experience she was hitting so hard her hands were bleeding- DAMN! Hayley also broke so many boundaries when the band announced their new drummer. So many said “A Woman”? “In Pop Evil”? HELL YEAH! She’s outstanding- (and a major dog lover too!)
    Thanks Hayley- for kicking down the doors… her.

  • Brianna Sig - Soraia

    The thing I love about Brianna is she is so bright and sunny and when she gets behind the drums for Philadelphia band “Soraia” she turns into a beast!! (In the best possible way!) Playing since the age of 13, Brianna has been with Soraia for seven years and lists Chad Smith, Mitch Mitchell and John Bonham as influences. Makes perfect sense. I can hear all of them in her style. Their new release BLOOM is terrific and really showcases Bri’s talent in the band.

  • Faith Powell- Plush

    Faith ROCKS!!! I followed her on social media long before she joined Plush and was blown away by this tiny powerhouse nailing every rock, pop, heck every tune she played! When I heard Plush needed a drummer I thought of her- she was a perfect fit- then I heard she was going on tour with Plush when they opened for Breaking Benjamin, Alice In Chains and Bush (no pressure!) and when I saw them she killed it. Just killed it. Then she was officially in! The band is working on their second record with Faith and I am waiting patiently.

  • Nandi Bushell

    How many can say they have played Wembley at 12? Probably no one except the extraordinary Nandi Bushell.

    Nandi became a social media sensation posting incredible videos of her drumming rock tunes and caught the attention of Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and others in music who were blown over by her talent and heavy hitting style.

    As the youngest artist ever on the cover of “Modern Drummer” magazine, she is a multi instrumentalist and her EP called “Into The Abyss” was inspired by her dad and his battle with depression. Nandi has too many achievements to mention and the sky is the limit for this inspirational young lady.


  • Meg White- White Stripes

    The Queen of bringing back the “Garage Rock Sound” Meg White played drums almost by accident, sitting behind Jack’s kit and the rest is history. She is most known for her incredibly quiet persona off stage and her organic style is both unique and inspirational to anyone who wants to take a seat and bang. Meg has unofficially retired. I hope she comes back.

  • Gina Schock - The Go- Go's

    Gina the POWERHOUSE behind the Go-Go’s! My teenage heroine. The thing that surprised me the most about Miss Gina is how SMALL she is! Gina is the backbone of the Go-Go’s success, plain and simple. In the Showtime documentary members of the band speak on how the band was taken to new heights when Gina joined and she has created some of the most legendary beats and drum sounds in 80’s rock/pop.
    A rock and roll hall of Famer- and a true ROCK STAR in every respect- I love my Gina girl so much. She inspired me to be a rebel!

  • Meytal Cohen

    Internet sensation Meytal Cohen is mind blowing to watch and is one of the founding members of the Metal band “Meytal” – Born in Israel and living in the states since she turned 20, she has been posting amazing performances and has record numbers of views on her YouTube drum series because SHE’S AWESOME!


  • Pau Villarreal - The Warning

    One of current based rock’s most powerful bangers Pau from The Warning is spectacular to see live.
    Pau is so recognizable with her headset firmly in place bringing backing vocals to this amazing power trio of young sisters and not only is her hit and kick always on point, but she is so engaging to watch. Her posture is MAD! She’s a total ROCKSTAR! At a tiny 5 (ish) feet tall she will blow your mind.

  • Tobi Vail - Bikini Kill

    In the 1990’s they were called Riot Grrl’s and made ZERO excuses! They just rocked! Bikini Kill was one of my favorite 90’s girl bands because they were always making music and trouble! (In a really good way) .

    Tobi Vail led the charge (literally) with her sound and fury behind the drums and her passion. for activism came through her sticks. Rebel Girl is such a great anthem and the drums make the tune!

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