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Last week we got the brand new album entitled “May This Keep You Safe From Harm” from Off Road Minivan. It’s their second full length and man it’s really cool.
In 2018 we got our first taste of this group with the Spiral Gaze EP. Then in 2020, they released their debut full-length “Swan Dive,” which was very sonically moving. In fact the song, “Vampire” surpassed 1 million streams and counting.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the band members wrote and sent ideas to each other. They wound up creating something which was woven together by the real-life interviews with members of lead singer Ryan Tuck O’Leary’s family.

In an interview Tuck said-
“I’ve been secretly recording my family for at least a-year-and-a-half, including the voice clips from my grandmother, who was the first,” Tuck says. “I’d listen back later and find the right part I needed for the album. I essentially wanted to preserve these moments forever. I got my mom, dad, sister, grandmother, brother-in-law, nephew, best friend, and wife on tape. Now, I’ll have it all on vinyl format for the rest of my life.”

This album is full of emotion – Anger, acceptance, heartache. You really do go on a journey when you press play and start this one from the beginning. And while there are melancholy topics and sad moments, this proves to be a cool celebration of living!

Let’s dive in a little bit and look at some of the highlights!


    A track that’s almost like a bummed out Weezer. Then the chorus kicks in and it picks up with that earworm of a hook!
    Really well done….and fun music video too!


    The repeating of lines in the verse is well done and different.  This chorus is insane.  So moving and filled with heartache and an outpouring of love.  Really awesome stuff!



    This uptemo rocker bangs hard.  It’s still melodic and hooky with  some raw, angst-filled lyrics!


    You can feel the emotion in the vocals of Tuck.  It’s like he’s truly singing from the heart and that’s what pulls you in.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s got a lot of texture and a powerful chorus.


    This one gives me chills.  A beautiful piano ballad that fits right at home on this record.  Very well done with again, awesome melodies.

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