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Let’s take a look at an album that came out recently that is extremely underrated. Let’s review the latest album from The Used. It’s called “Toxic Positivity” and it’s a real banging record.

The Used is a band that my wife kind of got me into. Normally in my household, it’s the other way around, but she played me some tracks years ago and I started to fall in love.

They are fronted by Bert McCrackin who has a melodic, very emotional voice when he sings, but can also break out into screams of pain. The musicianship is something I’ve always admired in this band and their ambitious productions.

They’re not afraid to use electronic samples or effects on vocals to move the song along and add a different texture. It’s actually quite unique and refreshing to listen to their albums as a whole. You know you’re not going to get something stale or uninspired.

Over the course of their career, they’ve had some lineup changes, as so many bands do. But they’ve always stayed true to their sound and I commend them for that. If you go to see them live, expect a raw, energized, and emotional toll to be taken.

They rip through their songs with power and energy and leave everything on the stage when they’re finished. Toxic Positivity is a really cool album. It’s short, sweet, and to the point with no filler and just some rocking tunes. I personally prefer it when an album’s shorter so I can easily digest it and go back and listen again. Maybe that’s just me though lol.

This one is a true hit for the band. 11 tracks. So much raw emotion and a fierceness to each track that only The Used can bring. It’s definitely worth a listen. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the album!

If you like what you hear, you can pick the album up from Amazon.


    Kicking off the album with a monster riff is never bad. This one is a tell-off song in all it’s glory. Great effects on the vocals and some cool drum beats throughout!


    This one has a sort of electronic feel.  But the chorus is so catchy and infectious, you’ll be humming along that you hate everybody too!



    As this riff kicks in it almost borders on sounding like a different band.  Than you get the chants of the pre-chorus which are strong and anthemic.  Of course after that, McCrackin provides us with a staple Used hook which does not disappoint!


    This one starts off acoustic.  And somehow builds and builds with electronic samples and then actually gets heavy towards the end of the song.  Leave it To The Used to figure out how to make that work!



    The Used close out their album with an uptempo almost poppy sounding rocker.  It’s almost like the bright spot with lyrics after negativity and feeling like you’re fed up with everything.  This one stays positive and works well!

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