I recently wanted to find out who the best bands are from outside the U.S.   I asked DHA listeners, so we can take a look at Top 5 Bands Not From The U.S.A.

On weekdays I do a feature on my show called First Call Last Call at 5 pm.  It’s a themed block of music for the ride home.  It’s all based on the responses I get to the Question of the Day on the DHA Facebook page.  I always get great responses to the questions and I love reading them.  The listeners come up with great answers that I don’t usually think of myself lol!

Recently I asked for them to pick their favorite band that is not from the United States.  There are so many great responses to this question.  So many legendary acts over the years have come out that aren’t from our country.  Don’t get me wrong – our United States has tremendous artists that I love, but I was just curious to see who our listeners pick when they need to select a foreign band.

Not surprisingly most of the responses were for classic bands that have been around for years, but there were still some fresh faces.  A few mentions of the Theory Of A Deadman from Canada.  The ladies of The Warning got a mention and their straight outta Mexico.  But of course, bands that we’ve been playing for over 40 years got the majority of comments.

I love so many bands not from the States.  There are a lot of “modern” bands like Biffy Clyro or Karnivool or Birds Of Tokyo who put out amazing music, but sadly are a little underappreciated here in the States.  But on to the responses.

Let’s Take a Look are Jersey’s Picks…

Top 5 Bands From Outside U.S.A.

  • AC/DC

    This band from Australia is truly a powerhouse. They’ve influenced so many. Plus they are still putting out high-quality music. And they’re so fun to watch live! 

  • RUSH

    The Canadian trio which our listeners go crazy for!  So beloved.  And, sadly, they lost Neil because we would have loved a reunion or more music one day! 

  • U2

    Bono and company have been bringing passionate, intelligent, and emotional rock music to us for years.  They know how to write a hit and their deep cuts are awesome too!


    A band that has been cited as one of the biggest influences on so many musicians. I personally think that it’s the diverse sounds in their songs that have helped them stand the test of time.  Just awesome!


    Chuckle if you want, but they’ve sold so many records and get a lot of airplay on DHA.  Ya know why?  They know what goes into creating a catchy, melodic, hard-rocking tune!  And they sound great live as well. 

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