Black Sabbath is a band that has inspired so many other artists.  They have a huge library of tunes.  Let’s take a look at the 5 Top Black Sabbath songs according to Jersey!

Each weekday I do a feature called “First Call Last Call” at 5 pm.  I post a question of the day to our WDHA Facebook page. Listeners go on and answer with their band or song and then I put together a block of tunes based on those responses for 5 pm.  It’s a lot of fun to read through everyone’s responses. Sometimes they’re bands or songs I didn’t think of or forgot about. It’s really interesting to see!

Yesterday was the date in 2013 that Black Sabbath released their final album.  I thought, why not ask DHA listeners for their favorite Sabbath songs?  Of course, there were some great responses!  And it was fun to read them.

I personally love Sabbath and although Dio’s time with them gave us some awesome music, I lean towards the Ozzy era.  I love how much they would experiment and also how many different sounds they had.  They were dark and they were heavy and yet they still had moments of emotion and reflection.

They also had very interesting lyrics dealing with fantasy religion and dreams.  They kind of went through and covered everything.  Some very interesting stuff in their body of work!  And it’s always resonated with the DHA listeners.  And so many others who picked up a guitar and started a rock band and created music.  They are pioneers in the world of Heavy Metal.   

As I previously mentioned, I know there are fans of the Dio era and there are some killer songs they made with him.  But for me it’s all about the original lineup.  Either way, let’s take a look at the…

Top 5 Black Sabbath Songs


    It’s got such an iconic guitar riff that opens the song up. And it’s so different in the fact that it starts heavy, but has this lighter interlude or prechorus. Really cool stuff!


    Very unexpected from a metal band.  A ballad?  Oh yeah!  It works really well and is fun to hear Ozzy sing.


    It’s such a dark song.  Kicking off with that storm……then the devil chords.  It’s haunting and eerie and man, does it let you know that Sabbath has arrived!


    I think people love this one because of the harmonica, I really do.  It’s so different and almost fun.  But yet still dark and heavy.  Only Black Sabbath could do this!


    Such an epic song. Lots of open space with Ozzy railing against politicians and warmongers.  The band is so tight on on point in this one.  Which you have to be.  They sound in top form!

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