NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - FEBRUARY 20: Gavin Rossdale of Bush performs at the Ryman Auditorium on February 20, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

There are so many great bands out there. Some have been around for 40 years, while other artists just debuted during the pandemic. Still, others have been around for 30+ years, but don’t get the accolades they deserve. I feel like one of those bands is Gavin Rossdale and BUSH! They’ve put out so many stellar albums, but I don’t think enough people mention what great musicians they are and how many awesome songs they have. They recently released their compilation album “Loaded: The Greatest Hits 1994-2023 and I want to discuss why you should pick up the new Greatest Hits album from Bush and how you’ll enjoy it!

Bush released their debut album “Sixteen Stone” in 1994. Jam-packed with hits, it’s one of my favorite debuts. Seamlessly blending great guitar riffs with awesome, catchy hooks. It’s an infectious album with killer tracks from start to finish! But here’s the thing, because of huge hits like “Everything Zen” and “Machine Head” people don’t mention enough of the later Bush singles which are equally as awesome! Gavin Rossdale’s songwriting ability is uncanny. Bush always sounds like Bush. Yet they also sound fresh and relevant on each record.

In 2011they releases ‘The Sea Of Memories.” And when I first heard about it coming out I was a little hesitant to think something awesome was coming. But then, we got “The Sound of Winter” and I thought, “Man, they still know how to do it!”
Album after album is just so good. Maybe you kind of slept on Bush over the years. So I’ve decided to post 5 songs that are on this new Loaded compilation, to get you psyched to pick it up and give it a listen. Whether it’s tracks you know or some you never even gave a 2nd listen to, the whole thing is pretty amazing. And I can’t wait to see how many more great albums they’ll be putting out!

Let’s take a look at some awesome tracks from Bush.


    From those first few open hi-hat hits, you know what song this is. It’s got a great melody. The verse is just as easy to sing along to as the chorus!


    An almost off putting guitar riff.  It’s dark, yet with Gavin’s vocals it just makes you bob your head and move!


    This is such a unique song.  It’s emotional.  Light and trippy. and has so many parts that make you want to belt it out!


    A cool rocker.  It sound like it could have been on Sixteen Stone.  The chorus in particular stands out as an earworm that just works!


    That bass line that starts the song is so deep and groovy.  A great mix of unique sounds and and explosive hook!


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