Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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When it comes to shopping for our fathers, we all know that it can be a bit difficult. Do you buy him power tools, or sports gear, or something that makes his life easier? The truth of the matter is we don’t really know what to get them sometimes because it’s just hard to find the perfect gifts in a sea of awesome gifts. So we’ve put together a list of fun gifts for your dad that is perfect for every hobby. Whether he loves music, sports, food, or even movies we’ve got something on this list for you below. 

  • Wooden Docking Station

    Sometimes we have to find little gifts that can make our dad’s lives easier. This wooden docking station is a great gift idea for dads who might need help keeping things together. It has a space for his cellphone (where it can be charged), his glasses, wallet, watch, car keys, headphones, etc. It’s a versatile item that he can leave on his nightstand and always find his items. 

  • Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

    Bluetooth connected and noise-canceling? These headphones are great for dads who just want a little peace and quiet while listening to their favorite music or watching their favorite shows. The Bose QuietComfort headphones fit nicely over the ears and are suitable for allday wear. Plus, if you’re planning to travel this holiday season, it will make the perfect set of airplane headphones! 

  • Now Playing Vinyl Record Stand

    Is you’re dad super into his vinyl collection? This beautiful, handcrafted wooden Now Playing sign is such a fun and unique gift for music-loving dads. The stand is meant to hold the cover of your vinyl and gives you a fun ambiance while you listen to your favorite artist. 

  • It’s Not Hoarding If It’s Vinyl Tee

    Speaking of vinyl collectors… it’s not hoarding if it’s vinyl right? I mean, we certainly agree! And fun t-shirts like this are an awesome gift for dads! 

  • Watercolor Beer & Trivia Calendar

    If your dad loves beer and trivia, then he’s going to love this Must Have gift. This handmade watercolor beer and trivia calendar features stilllife watercolor images of popular beers and a beer trivia question on the back of each month. It will fit perfectly on any desk or nightstand. 

  • I’d Tap That Golf Tee

    Have any avid golfing dads? This super funny I’d Tap That golf tee is not only a unique gift, but definitely something the punny dads of the world are sure to enjoy. 

  • Wooden Headphone Stand

    Gaming dads are going to love this item! This beautifully crafted wooden headphone stand not only holds onto those pesky headphones when you’re playing video games but also can be personalized! There are 1different design choices so if gaming isn’t your dad’s thing and maybe you want to pair that sweet new pair of Bose headphones with this beautiful headphone stand you can pick a different design that they will still love and cherish. 

  • Memory Foam Slippers

    Give your dad the gift of comfort. After a long day of work coming home and relaxing in a pair of super comfy memory foam slippers sounds like a dream for anyone.

  • I’d Rather Be Watching Football Socks

    My dad is an avid college football fan. So this is an instant cart add for me, but the best part about these socks is that they come in a variety of interests. If your dad loves golfing, biking, gaming, or watching other sports there is a pair here for you! 

  • Bose TV Soundbar

    What dad wouldn’t want to upgrade this sound system in the living room or man cave? A soundbar like this is the perfect way to go. This Bose TV Soundbar comes with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your smart device to it. And not only that it helps enhance the sound for a more wide and natural range. 

  • IMDb Official Top 100 Movies Poster Scratch Off

    If your dad is a movie buff this is easily one of the coolest gifts. In a world where streaming services supply things like your favorite movies nowadays, we have to find more unique gifts. This is IMDb’s official top 100 movies list, and it’s an excellent gift for folks who love watching really good movies. The poster is a scratch-off so your dad can scratch off movies he’s already seen, or start from the beginning and check off each one that he watches.

  • Baseball Stadium Pin Map

    My dad is not only a huge football fan but absolutely loves baseball and is a huge fan of the different parks. This pin map is awesome for mancaves, dens, or wherever they like to hand sports memorabilia. It features all of the MLB team names and locations, including Toronto. 

  • Signed Joe Montana Helmet

    For sports fans, autographed items like this one by Joe Montana are truly a very unique and special gift. Dads love getting things like this or even jerseys from their favorite players in history or even current players. You can find more sports memorabilia as well as your favorite local team gear on The Fanatics right here. 

  • Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone with Camera

    If your dad loves cool tech and doesn’t own a drone yet why not invest in one for him? People love using drones for all kinds of cool photography shots and adventures and this one is certainly sure to make your dad happy. 

  • Urban Map Whiskey Glasses

    This is a really fun find. These beautiful whiskey glasses have the Urban maps of some of the biggest cities in the US. 

  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

    For the foodies out there this will be a fun gift! This make-your-own hot sauce kit includes instructions, ingredients, six bottles, and labels for their creative sauce names. 

  • Personalized Cutting Board

    If your dad loves grillin’ than you gotta make sure he gets his own supplies! This beautiful, personalized cutting board is a terrific gift for those grilling dads out there. Not only does have a heartfelt touch but they’re pretty cool décor too. 

  • Personalized Beer Flight Board

    Here’s a fun bar gift idea that dad is sure to love. Grab him a personalized beer/whiskey flight board for his at-home bar. He’ll love being able to use this for entertaining people! 

  • Foodie Dice

    For the indecisive foodie, these foodie dice are the perfect gift for dads who just aren’t sure what to cook. It allows them to shake up their cooking routine with multiple different protein options, cooking methods, and more.  

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