Must Haves

Must Haves

Must Haves

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Aerosmith is often referred to as “America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” With that in mind, it should be no surprise that fans have taken to create various items paying tribute to the Bad Boys From Boston.

If you’re looking for an item for the Aerosmith fan in your life (or that fan is you), scroll through our list of these 15 unique Aerosmith gifts.

  • Steven Tyler Prayer Candle

    For those that opt to pray to rock gods, this Steven Tyler prayer candle is a great gift idea.

  • Aerosmith Electrical Outlet Stickers

    For when someone visits your home and needs to plug in their phone charger, you can tell them to “Walk this way to the outlet.” (Get it?)

  • Aerosmith Vinyl Record Clock

    This vinyl record clock features intricate cutouts of Aerosmith’s two classic logos. Definitely a great item to add to an office or a den.

  • 'Dream On' Wall Art

    This wall art containing “Dream On” lyrics will add a pop of color to any room.

  • Aerosmith Stud Earrings

    Even when you can’t rock your favorite Aerosmith t-shirt, you can show your love for the Bad Boys from Boston with these cute, but subtle stud earrings.

  • 'Sweet Emotion' Bracelet

    Forget about “Wearing out things that nobody wears”; wear this cool bangle bracelet instead!

  • Aerosmith Luggage Tag

    Because even when you travel, you gotta let people know how much you love Aerosmith.

  • Aerosmith Blanket

    Sometimes, you just need to literally curl up with your favorite band.

  • Aerosmith Wooden Spoon Set

    “When the lightning strikes/Zip gun Johnny’s finger is itchin’/The lid’s gonna blow up in hell’s kitchen.” Or maybe you’re just cooking up a big pot of pasta sauce. Regardless, these wooden spoons featuring Aerosmith designs will make any kitchen rock!

  • 'Dream On' Hand-Dyed Silk Scarf

    This beautiful silk scarf is hand-dyed and features the lyrics to “Dream On.” The Demon of Screamin’ would proudly wear this around his neck are tied around his mic stand.

  • Aerosmith Hand-Painted Mandala Record

    The artwork from Rocks is cool, but the work done to transform this record into a piece of mandala wall art is stunning.

  • 'I Don' Want To Miss A Thing' Lyric Art

    This piece of wall art features the lyrics to Aerosmith lone #1 song “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.” Best part of all is that it comes in a variety of customizable colors and sizes.

  • 'Amazing' Lyric Poster

    Because sometimes you need a reminder to say a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight. 

  • Steven Tyler Stained Glass Print

    Modeled after ornate stained glass windows, this print immortalizing Steven Tyler boasts some beautiful colors.

  • Steven Tyler Canvas Print

    Love for Steven Tyler knows no bounds for some fans, and we’re sure some of you would love to hang this bold canvas in your home. Like other pieces included in this list, this item is customizable ranging in a variety of sizes and panels. 

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