The New Jersey Education Association is proud of the work our members do to make our public schools, and our communities, stronger for every child. That’s why the NJEA is a proud sponsor of the Teachers Who Rock Class of 2022 and is presenting the Community Spotlight Award.

The Community Spotlight Award recognizes outstanding North Jersey Teachers, who shine in the classrooms, and in serving their communities.

NJEA is Proud to present the 2022 Community Spotlight Award to:


English Language Learners Teacher
Franklin Elementary School

The expectations Ms. Lopes has of her students is to excel not only in the classroom, but also as citizens in society.   She teaches her students to become lifelong learners, contribute to their community, and understand their role as global citizens. She integrates teachable moments and service learning into her lessons by implementing hands-on activities, technology, making personal connections and applying differentiated instruction to make learning relevant to meet their individual needs.

The key to being a successful teacher is making connections with your students, their parents and community.  ELL students were among the student groups most impacted by the pandemic, faced with more adversity than their peers. During that time, Ms. Lopes remained a strong advocate for her students, ensuring those families had whatever resources they needed as well as help them understand the ever-changing schedules, reopening plans and quarantine protocols. Some of her students experienced personal tragedies during that time.

Ms. Lopes is an outstanding teacher who transforms reluctant learners into eager ones, sets high expectations, and helps them find their individual talents along the way. Recently, she advocated to start an after school club for ELL students. Her goal is to have students participate in project based activities that will give back to the community, while finding themselves a place in the community.

For all of her efforts at the school, she was named Franklin Elementary School Teacher of the Year 21-22. As an award winning teacher who advocates for her students, we honor Ms. Lopes as a Teacher Who Rocks.


Join WDHA and the New Jersey Education Association in celebrating the critical role teachers and school employees play in their classrooms and in our communities.