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Big D- Top 3- 5/21/19- what are rockers requestin'?

So many cool new bands….so many KILLER new tunes…..This week we have a brand new band out of Cali, a veteran rock voice and a phenomenal blues cover by a great Metal band! Here are the Top 3 most requested NEW DHA Rockers of the week... #3- Scott Stapp- The Purpose For Pain #2- Dirty…

'Toy Story 4': New Trailer Released

After releasing the first official trailer in March, Pixar has released a second official trailer for Toy Story 4 giving a little more insight into the latest adventure for Woody, Buzz and all of Andy’s (now Bonnie’s) toys.

New Coke Gets a Reboot Thanks to 'Stranger Things'

New Coke, even over three decades later, remains one of the biggest fails in business/marketing history, but with the third season of Stranger Things dropping this summer, the infamous soft drink is making a limited appearance on store shelves.

Facebook Theater 5-21-19

This may in fact be one of the top three episodes of Facebook Theater so far in 2019. This one has it all - "Game of Thrones," a missed opportunity for the owner of Grumpy Cat, and erectile dysfunction. Where else can you get all that in just 60 seconds?