It's A Halloween Double Feature

It's October and Halloween! So, JoHo met up with the curator of the Blairstown Museum. Why is Blairstown, NJ so important, you ask?! Well, any horror fan worth their weight in blood and guts knows Friday The 13th was filmed in Blairstown! Plus, Zombie Lou stops by Nerd Out to talk cosplay!   Enjoy this…

An Extra Life

Extra-Life is a great charity that allows gamers to game all while rasing funds for sick kids.  Nerd Out talks to Anthony Sytko, President of the New Jersey Chapter of Extra-Life and Nicole Hudson, Director of Fundrasing and Operations at RWJ Barnabas Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 

Nerd Out Talks To Sarah Needleman of The Wall Street Journal

Sarah is one of The Journal's Tech Reporters.  She recently published an article on how parents are hiring tutors to help their kids get better at gaming; this trend has really taken off more with Fortnite.  Find out more in our latest episode of Nerd Out!

Nerd Out Talks To Lloyd Briggery of The Kubert School

Welcome to Season 2 of Nerd Out!  The Kubert School in Dover, NJ is celebrating 42 years! They help create the future of comic book writers and artists.  Chances are good you might even bump into your favorite writer or artist in their halls.  Lloyd Briggery tells us all about it in this episode!