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Matt Murray


Matt MurrayWelcome to Who is Matt Murray

Grew up in Sussex county always enjoying the outside and riding bikes! My childhood was a lot like stranger things minus the ummmm strange things.

I’ve been in the Navy, I played Baseball in the minors, went to school at the Univ Of Georgia. So I’m A pretty well traveled individual.

Back for my 2nd run here at WDHA and love playing the best rock for the best people! I’ve had so many good times here from doing the Tourbus to Rock the Parks, and now with the Raven room shows, it’s always getting better and better here.

In my spare time I go to concerts, Devils games, and Mountain biking every chance I get! New Jersey has some of the best places to ride anywhere! I love Mnt Biking so much I’m also the announcer for the US Open of Mnt Biking!

I love all types of rock from the classics to the hair days to the industrial 90’s to today! And I do have a soft spot for Yacht Rock AHOY!

Hear me on occasion here and follow my adventures on my Instagram “Matthew90rock”