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Facebook Theater 5-30-19

What a way to close out the month of May! Today's drama-filled episode of Facebook Theater deals with all the tough topics - TV snobs, hockey bathroom etiquette and what NOT to say to your wife during an argument.

Facebook Theater 5-23-19

Summer is coming and that means - Outdoor concerts with questionable crowd members Vacation wardrobe planning All that and more covered in today's Facebook Theater.

Marriage For Dummies 5-22-19

The good news - Jim in Cranford is getting married to his longtime girlfriend of 20 years. The bad news - he called into the WDHA Morning Jolt where he encountered Dr. JoHo and his often well-intentioned but misguided advice. Thankfully, Nuptuals By Nancy offered some more credible advice.

Facebook Theater 5-21-19

This may in fact be one of the top three episodes of Facebook Theater so far in 2019. This one has it all - "Game of Thrones," a missed opportunity for the owner of Grumpy Cat, and erectile dysfunction. Where else can you get all that in just 60 seconds?

Talking Baseball With David Cone On the Jolt

David Cone was known for being both feisty and cerebral during his 17-year Major League career that included a Cy Young award, a perfect game, five All-Star Game appearances, and five World Series championships. His new book Full Count: The Education of a Pitcher has just been published and David called into the WDHA Morning…

Marriage For Dummies 5-15-19

The day started out innocently enough for Todd from Hopatcong. First, he received some advice from Jim and JoHo on where to get Q-tips. And then the conversation turned to his love life...or lack thereof. Things really deteriorated, though, when Dr. JoHo brought up the topic of sexbots.