R&R Hall of Fame CEO Joel Peresman On the Jolt

Ever since the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opened its doors, there's been controversy. Why did this band get in? Why didn't that band get in? Is there a bias against heavy metal? Some of the selections have ultimately forced a redefinition of just what rock & roll is. Rock & Roll Hall of…


As winners of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's fan vote this year, there's no doubt Bon Jovi has the power of the people on their side to prove their case as to why they deserve to be inducted.  However, they have more than enough stunning stats to back them up, too.  In honor…

BY THE NUMBERS: Dire Straits

As far as statistics go, Dire Straits meet and exceed any requirements necessary for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  In honor of the band's induction, here are some important numbers in Dire Straits' history.