Facebook Theater 2-14-19

Of all the images we've been stuck with thanks to Facebook Theater, somehow the thought of a heart-shaped helium balloon with a toilet brush attached is the one that strikes us as more than just a little disconcerting.

Facebook Theater 2-12-19

We live in such a glorious time...a time when every single nuance of our mundane lives is on display for the world to see at a moment's notice. Some would call this a form of abhorrent narcissistic behavior. We call it Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-7-19

Next time you think you're smart, try to remember that it wasn't you who invented the untucked shirt. We may have uncovered some information on JoHo's progress in the Jolt's #NewYearNewJolt weight loss challenge. Parenting tips for small children struggling to come up with a name for their pet hamsters. Welcome to Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 2-5-19

Navigating the Garden State's highways is always an adventure, and often leads to classic passive-aggressive behavior on social media. And there's always the Super Bowl to guarantee faux outrage, especially when Tom Brady is involved. It's all covered in another soul-stirring episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-31-19

We close out the month of January with an epic episode of Facebook Theater. This morning, we hear from Tom Brady haters, sage wisdom from a former NJ elected official, and a timely parenting hack that the kids will love!

More On the Saga of Nipple Cream

Thursday's Facebook Theater, better known as "The Saga of Nipple Cream," was taken from the Facebook page of singer/songwriter/author/log cabin builder/lots of other things Michael Johnathon. In an effort to get more details on this intriguing story, Jim Monaghan and John Hodorovych called Michael on Friday morning at his Kentucky home. Check out Michael's music…

Facebook Theater 1-22-19

Things you will learn from today's Facebook Theater - Retirement may be slightly overrated Paranoia is nothing to laugh at Contrary to popular belief, bacon doesn't make everything better

Facebook Theater 1-15-19

Admit it - you've peed in the shower. So why does it sound so odd when someone owns up to it on social media? That dilemma and more on this all-new episode of Facebook Theater.