Facebook Theater 8-16-18

Marital bliss (?), canine conundrums, and dealing with people who don't like to wear pants in public.... It's all on glorious display in today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-14-18

Word to the wise - if you have kids at home when you exercise, watch what noises you make when stretching. Then again, you could always just cut to the chase and play "Porn Star Dancing" as part of your workout soundtrack. That and more on this all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-9-18

Have you ever noticed.... Today's all-new Facebook Theater has it all - vintage neighborly passive-aggressive behavior, reflective thoughts on aging, and policemen who appear out of nowhere.

Facebook Theater 8-7-18

Earlier this morning, we asked a caller who he thought was a more bizarre collection of individuals - the WDHA staff, or the listeners. Without skipping a beat, he replied "The listeners! We have an awful lot of baggage that we're carrying around!" Forthwith is some of that baggage on public display in this all-new…

Facebook Theater 8-2-18

Kicking off the month of August with an all-new Facebook Theater guaranteed to delight the whole family! OK...so maybe that's a stretch. But where else can you find donuts being chased by the local gendarme, issues with sex education and a Ben McAdoo reference all in under a minute?

Facebook Theater 7-31-18

It's said to be good to be able to laugh at yourself. It's easier to laugh at others. Especially when there's drama involved. Such is the fuel that feeds the fire known as Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-24-18

Facebook Theater is always better when it has pearls of wisdom from a child, a long-overdue Sarah Palin reference, and questions involving the zodiac. And just think - there's never any charge for this kind of quality entertainment!

Facebook Theater 7-17-18

On today's brand-new Facebook Theater - We hear from the world of retail and food services... It may be of some help to have a working knowledge of police 10-codes... A timely public service announcement.... And best of all - it's all FREE for the asking!

Facebook Theater 7-12-18

More proctology-related thoughts, concerns about speaking to your dog, and small-scale road rage. More private drama performed in public for our voyeuristic pleasure on an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-10-18

There's something of a running theme in this morning's Facebook Theater. Much of it requires the skills necessary for proctology. You can't say you weren't warned.