Jason Bonham on Why Robert Plant Won’t Agree to a Zeppelin Reunion

With the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin I looming and plenty of things planned to celebrate the legendary band in the coming year, many are still likely holding out for a reunion of some sort, but Robert Plant has been clear he’s not interested.  His reasoning, however, is both understandable and beautiful.

5 Stellar John Bonham Drum Moments

Today (May 31) would’ve been John Bonham’s 70th birthday.  As one of the best drummers in rock history (some would argue the best), it's difficult to narrow down the breadth of his career to just five moments, but after heavy soul-searching, here are five of our favorite moments, from solos to intros and everywhere in between.  

September 25th - John Bonham's Death

Anniversary of John Bonham’s Death – September 25th, 1980   Conversation Starters:   This day in Rock history we lost John Bonham – one of the greatest drummers of all-time. What was your favorite performance by John? One of the greatest drummers of all time passed away today in 1980 He was known for his…