Pro-Clean Disinfectant and Sanitization Treatment

Disinfect and sanitize your home or business in New Jersey with Viking Pest’s Pro-Clean. Viking’s Pro-Clean Disinfection and Sanitization Treatments combine a variety of application methods to thoroughly disinfect your living, workspace or common areas for any home or business.

This sanitization treatment is effective at dramatically reducing the number of bacteria and viruses from common colds, Coronavirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Influenza A, H1N1 Virus and more! CLICK HERE to learn more about Viking’s Pro-Clean service to fully disinfect and sanitize your home or business in New Jersey.


Anticimex SMART. 24/7 Mice Monitoring for your Home

Anticimex SMART takes the guesswork out of mouse control, providing real-time alerts to your Viking Pest technician when a mice activity is detected and when a mouse is caught.

  • 24/7 Mice Monitoring
  • Mice Detection with Heat Sensors
  • Real-time Alerts Sent to Your Viking Pest Technician

Anticimex SMART predicts and prevents a mice invasion in your home utilizing heat sensors placed near common rodent entry points in your attic, garage, and crawlspace. Prevent costly damage caused by mice with Anticimex SMART! CLICK HERE to learn how SMART can protect your family, pets, and home!