Rock N’ Ruff

Rosie and Her Mom and siblings are safe - They have all since been adopted and are happy, healthy dogs.

It’s TC,

On June 3. 2016 when I saw 276 dogs on the news being taken out of a home in Howell New Jersey I never imagined one of the puppies being removed would be mine.

That is how I found Rosie Carr. Dogs living in squalor, filth, hiding in the walls and giving birth even as they were being taken out of the house and on their way to vets and shelters. The mission the rescue them to animal control officers all day….imagine 276 dogs all in one house!

Watching the video from Inside Edition tells the story better than I can…….

When I first heard from ACO Meredith Petrillo that The Denville Animal Shelter had taken some of these dogs in (many mamas and puppies) I was curious to see these little warriors. I stopped by the shelter when the pups were acclimated and met Rosie who was with her siblings and mama. Poor mama dog really looked like she had been through a battle- well she had, but in Meredith’s care they were soon thriving and ready to find homes. I fell in love with Rosie the first time I saw her. She joined the family not long after!

Rosie had all of the odds stacked against her.  Thank God the neighbors called authorities (due to excessive barking) or she would have been a mama too at a young age or even worse not have survived.  Some of the dogs from hoarding cases can have serious health issues due to lack of care, puppies due to lack of care for mom, but thankfully Rosie is spunky and healthy. In fact, she is my biggest protector!

It’s hard to believe that was SEVEN years ago. I’m grateful everyday that she went from deplorable conditions to being my dog. SO GRATEFUL!  Here are some photos from her journey-  Thank You to our Animal Control officers who bravely fight for our animals every day and never let a dogs past define their future.

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