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The Dogs Of WDHA – The Staff Pups Who Make The Rock Roll

It's Terrie "Dog Lover" Carr and recently I have been reading up on the benefits of having dogs in the workplace. I have always been a proponent of "Pet Productivity" meaning the station offices always seemed more happy and productive when pets were around. I remember when I hired Matt Murray as our night talent waaaay back when and encouraged him to bring his newly adopted pup "Austin" in any time to keep him company while he was on the air. Oh, and when Scotty B came in for his first training session he brought multiple Basset Hounds in to help! (I loved it). It has long been said that dogs on the workplace reduce stress, increase team building and morale, and encourage more productivity. According to the American Heart Association they help "bring calm and productivity" - I could not agree more. American Heart Association On Dogs at Work WDHA is a fun environment to work in. Music, loudmouths, and of course DOGS that come in to be filmed and recorded for our WDHA Rock N' Ruff program every week. In fact, the station has an entire room set up for the pups where toys, bowls, and treats await them. We also have an animal-loving staff for sure. So many staffers have dogs. Jim, Me, Mike Anthony, Scotty, Swendy.....we love our pups! Many of us also bring our dogs to work on occasion as do our co-workers in sales and other departments. Personally, I LOVE it when there is a dog at the station. It makes me happy. I can't describe it, but it does. Dogs are truly magical creatures. Dogs have taught me so much about life and the simple things. They give us so much. Some of our dogs make more "frequent" station visits and are "regulars" at WDHA. Meet them below! And don't forget to check out our fantastic rockstar rescues looking for homes on the WDHA Rock N' Ruff page. WDHA's Rock N' Ruff Some fun things to do WITH your dog- Valentine's Day and Beyond with Your Dog And our WDHA Rockers and Dogs Exclusive Gallery Check Out WDHA Rockers and Dogs Dogs Rule! Terrie (and Rosie) Carr

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