Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 2-21-19

With MLB teams having reported to their respective spring training sites, let's use a baseball analogy. Some episodes of Facebook Theater are grand slams. This isn't one of them. But hey...a single every now and then can get the job done, right?

Facebook Theater 2-19-19

Today's entries - while not about Valentine's Day-related - were all posted to social media on February 14. Suffice it to say that love was exactly in bloom on today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-14-19

Of all the images we've been stuck with thanks to Facebook Theater, somehow the thought of a heart-shaped helium balloon with a toilet brush attached is the one that strikes us as more than just a little disconcerting.

Facebook Theater 2-12-19

We live in such a glorious time...a time when every single nuance of our mundane lives is on display for the world to see at a moment's notice. Some would call this a form of abhorrent narcissistic behavior. We call it Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-7-19

Next time you think you're smart, try to remember that it wasn't you who invented the untucked shirt. We may have uncovered some information on JoHo's progress in the Jolt's #NewYearNewJolt weight loss challenge. Parenting tips for small children struggling to come up with a name for their pet hamsters. Welcome to Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 2-5-19

Navigating the Garden State's highways is always an adventure, and often leads to classic passive-aggressive behavior on social media. And there's always the Super Bowl to guarantee faux outrage, especially when Tom Brady is involved. It's all covered in another soul-stirring episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-31-19

We close out the month of January with an epic episode of Facebook Theater. This morning, we hear from Tom Brady haters, sage wisdom from a former NJ elected official, and a timely parenting hack that the kids will love!

Facebook Theater 1-29-19

Personal fitness tips as well as dog-grooming concerns. Where else can you find this must-have information all in one place? It's another slice of Americana we call Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 1-22-19

Things you will learn from today's Facebook Theater - Retirement may be slightly overrated Paranoia is nothing to laugh at Contrary to popular belief, bacon doesn't make everything better