Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 12-13-18

Among the items captured from social media lately... Why do we get SO worked up over fictional characters? Technological advances that might appear to be somewhat life-threatening Eating and entertainment decisions All together on today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 12-11-18

Has your holiday season been merry and/or bright so far? Leave it to Facebook Theater to add a little joy to holidays. Or, in lieu of that, at least a laugh or two.

Facebook Theater 12-4-18

We're still three weeks away from Christmas but social media is anything but "merry and bright." Then again, is it ever? Let Facebook Theater put a little more egg in your nog.

Facebook Theater 11-29-18

Ho ho bleeping ho! It appears the holiday season has arrived and it's on vivid display in this new episode of Facebook Theater along with a very timely punctuation reminder.

Facebook Theater 11-27-18

Apparently there wasn't a whole lot of family drama over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend because if we do say so ourselves, this is a pretty lame episode of Facebook Theater. Next year, more drama and less stuffing and cranberry sauce, please.

Facebook Theater 11-22-18

Thanksgiving means so many different things to many of us. Family Friends Food Arguments We've managed to capture all of it in a special holiday edition of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 11-20-18

The snow and ice that pretty much brought the entire NJ/NYC area to its knees in short order last week didn't go unnoticed on social media. This morning's Facebook Theater captured the heartbreaking angst of our listeners perfectly.

Facebook Theater 11-13-18

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and already people are worried about family gatherings. The Trump-Clinton back-and-forth just won't go away. And just be someone's something. It all comes together in today's Facebook Theater.