Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 4-16-19

You might think that paying your taxes, drinking heavily with the drummer for an 80's rock star, and delivering babies have absolutely nothing in common. But then again, you might not have heard today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 4-9-19

When you get right down to it, life as we know it can generally be summed up with just two simple words - Facebook Theater. Where else can you find airplane etiquette, chain-saw theft, and difficult in-laws all in about 60 seconds?

Facebook Theater 4-4-19

Some of us are ruining Facebook with your constant political rants. Some of us have parenting issues. Some of us have issues with customer service. The rest of us are here for the laughs.

Facebook Theater 3-26-19

It's the all-WDHA staff members edition of Facebook Theater. From the air staff to management, our DHA rockers really know how to use social media to its fullest potential.

Facebook Theater 3-21-19

Dentist offices that turn into movie theaters Obituaries you probably missed a few years ago Moms who've had it with handling the winter cold/flu season It's all gloriously captured on today's Facebook Theater.