Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 6-6-23

There is no drama quite like that which is found in elementary school, or middle school. If you don't happen to remember, your kids probably provide you with a daily reminder with conversations that include things like "Maddi told Peyton who told Paisley who told Addy who told Claudia that Kenna doesn’t like Reagan." Easy enough to follow, right? Sounds like a bad episode of The Real Housewives of Fill-In-the-Blank. But let's not forget our own modern-day drama like spousal arguments, or being a somewhat willing captive listening to your Uber driver breaking up with his girlfriend over the phone. Sounds like another day in the life of Facebook Theater. [audio mp3="https://wdhafm.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/26/2023/06/FB-Theatre-6-6-23.mp3"][/audio]

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