Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 10-16-18

Today's episode of Facebook Theater almost defies description. But we'll try anyway. A woman goes to her gynecologist...and is rather surprised by what he tells her.

Facebook Theater 10-11-18

Where else can you find beer critiques, anti-social behavior and outrage over the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? And all packed into about one minute? Try Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-9-18

As is so eloquently pointed out in today's episode of Facebook Theater, at some point in the future these will indeed be considered the "good old days." Raise your hand if that scares you as much as it does us.

Facebook Theater 10-4-18

We like beer. We may have gone to a UB40 concert once upon a time. And we may need to change our kids' diapers more often. Sounds like another episode of Facebook Theater!

Facebook Theater 10-2-18

We're willing to bet that until now, March 27th had no deep significance for you. We're also willing to bet that after listening to today's Facebook Theater, that will change for you.

Facebook Theater 9-27-18

Thank goodness for social media. Without it, how else would we know how to deal with dating, physical fitness and the state of current music? It's all conveniently put together in the latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-25-18

Pregnant twerking women, things to ponder such as Noah's mission and the manner by which your phone greets you upon waking up.... It's the latest edition of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-20-18

Boys & girls, a few simple lessons this morning. Having a pool isn't all it's cracked up to be. Inanimate objects are just that - inanimate. Punctuation, grammar, and proper capitalization are always important.   So sayeth today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 9-18-18

There are some professional football fans who wish the game were played year-round. They get themselves all fired up...only to experience the disappointment of that first loss or two. Today's Facebook Theater gets into the mind of your average local NFL fan...and it's not exactly pretty.

Facebook Theater 9-13-18

Shortly after we played this new episode of Facebook Theater in the 6 AM hour this morning, studio equipment started going haywire. Instant karma, anyone?