Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 7-17-18

On today's brand-new Facebook Theater - We hear from the world of retail and food services... It may be of some help to have a working knowledge of police 10-codes... A timely public service announcement.... And best of all - it's all FREE for the asking!

Facebook Theater 7-12-18

More proctology-related thoughts, concerns about speaking to your dog, and small-scale road rage. More private drama performed in public for our voyeuristic pleasure on an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 7-10-18

There's something of a running theme in this morning's Facebook Theater. Much of it requires the skills necessary for proctology. You can't say you weren't warned.

Facebook Theater 7-5-18

Gorillas who wave, pugs and man-buns, and sage pyrotechnic advice - it's all here in today's all-new episode of Facebook Theater presented by the WDHA Morning Jolt.

Facebook Theater 7-3-18

Nothing says "Happy Birthday, America!" quite like an episode of Facebook Theater. Consider today's edition - full of insight into the social consciousness of modern-day America.

Facebook Theater 6-28-18

Closing out the month of June with a special guest orator - Mike Cocheo - and JoHo's brother makes a contribution. It's an all-new Facebook Theater for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Facebook Theater 6-21-18

Nothing says "Happy Summer!" like an all-new episode of Facebook Theater. The beauty of parenthood.... The Ugly American once again shows his face... The neighbor who might want to consider applying for a job at Grucci.... It's all here.

Facebook Theater 6-19-18

On today's thrilling episode of Facebook Theater, we get world-class insight into online dating, alpha-delta thought patterns and how they affect relationships, and how (not) to deal with young children. And to think all of this advice comes to us completely free of charge!