Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 11-6-18

Is it too early for Christmas decorations? Should Eli Manning still be quarterbacking the New York Giants? And why would anyone care about the equine I was riding? All of that in detail on this latest episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-30-18

For some reason, cosmetics-related issues were popular recently. That...and the Red Sox winning another World Series title.... People are simply grumpy. Then again it's another episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-25-18

Earlier this week, Ashley from the WDHA sales department was the guest voice on Facebook Theater. Her rationale was, "If JoHo can do this radio thing, how hard can it really be?" Feeling his manhood threatened, JoHo responded on this morning's episode.

Facebook Theater 10-23-18

Ashley from the WDHA sales department fancies herself an on-air personality. Her quote was something to the effect of, "Well...if JoHo can do it...." So the Morning Jolt gave Ashley her shot, voicing this episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-18-18

You loved this past Tuesday's episode of Facebook Theater featuring the woman whose gynecologist basically begged her to start being sexually active again. Wait until you hear the outtakes from that one!

Facebook Theater 10-16-18

Today's episode of Facebook Theater almost defies description. But we'll try anyway. A woman goes to her gynecologist...and is rather surprised by what he tells her.

Facebook Theater 10-11-18

Where else can you find beer critiques, anti-social behavior and outrage over the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? And all packed into about one minute? Try Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 10-9-18

As is so eloquently pointed out in today's episode of Facebook Theater, at some point in the future these will indeed be considered the "good old days." Raise your hand if that scares you as much as it does us.

Facebook Theater 10-4-18

We like beer. We may have gone to a UB40 concert once upon a time. And we may need to change our kids' diapers more often. Sounds like another episode of Facebook Theater!