Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 3-7-19

That guy with the camera...is he spying on your home or a cranky neighbor about to unleash his rage on you via social media? Wives - when you send your husband out shopping, make sure to answer the phone. Wait staff - be careful how you wish someone a happy birthday. Welcome to another edition…

Facebook Theater 2-28-19

We close out the month of February with another contemporary slice of Americana, this time touching on bathroom contests, advice on letting one's freak flag fly, and how to get that hot bod again. In other words, it's an all-new Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-26-19

A flatulent couple, an arrogant self-important ego maniac, and a lowly NBA franchise all walk into a bar together... ...and out comes another episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-21-19

With MLB teams having reported to their respective spring training sites, let's use a baseball analogy. Some episodes of Facebook Theater are grand slams. This isn't one of them. But hey...a single every now and then can get the job done, right?

Facebook Theater 2-19-19

Today's entries - while not about Valentine's Day-related - were all posted to social media on February 14. Suffice it to say that love was exactly in bloom on today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-14-19

Of all the images we've been stuck with thanks to Facebook Theater, somehow the thought of a heart-shaped helium balloon with a toilet brush attached is the one that strikes us as more than just a little disconcerting.

Facebook Theater 2-12-19

We live in such a glorious time...a time when every single nuance of our mundane lives is on display for the world to see at a moment's notice. Some would call this a form of abhorrent narcissistic behavior. We call it Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 2-7-19

Next time you think you're smart, try to remember that it wasn't you who invented the untucked shirt. We may have uncovered some information on JoHo's progress in the Jolt's #NewYearNewJolt weight loss challenge. Parenting tips for small children struggling to come up with a name for their pet hamsters. Welcome to Facebook Theater!