Facebook Theater

Facebook Theater 9-6-18

We when you've got to go...you've got to go. If you're the parent of a toddler, we think you'll find this morning's Facebook Theater most helpful. In fact, consider it a public service announcement from the WDHA Morning Jolt.

Facebook Theater 9-4-18

Welcome back from the long Labor Day Weekend! We thought we'd start September off with a special outtakes edition of Facebook Theater...a kind of behind-the-scenes look at just how your social media drama makes it to the airwaves.

Facebook Theater 8-31-18

We close out the month of August with what will surely be considered a classic episode of Facebook Theater! WARNING - you probably shouldn't listen to this while eating. In this episode: Certain kinds of hair found in food Musical dogs Social commentary at its finest  

Facebook Theater 8-23-18

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of some average WDHA listeners? Wonder no more. It's all on vivid display in today's episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-21-18

Jim Monaghan was concerned that this edition of Facebook Theater didn't live up to its predecessors. He needn't have worried. Anytime you have psychotic dating, binge-watching spouses and merit badges you don't want to win, you probably have something going on.

Facebook Theater 8-16-18

Marital bliss (?), canine conundrums, and dealing with people who don't like to wear pants in public.... It's all on glorious display in today's Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-14-18

Word to the wise - if you have kids at home when you exercise, watch what noises you make when stretching. Then again, you could always just cut to the chase and play "Porn Star Dancing" as part of your workout soundtrack. That and more on this all-new episode of Facebook Theater.

Facebook Theater 8-9-18

Have you ever noticed.... Today's all-new Facebook Theater has it all - vintage neighborly passive-aggressive behavior, reflective thoughts on aging, and policemen who appear out of nowhere.