All Mixed Up

Sundays 7:00am - 10:00am


Jim MonaghanIn addition to hosting the WDHA Morning Jolt Monday-Friday from 6-10 AM, Jim Monaghan also bring you “All Mixed Up,” one of the last free-form rock shows on commercial radio on Sunday mornings from 7-10 AM.

“All Mixed Up” covers a broad musical spectrum; you’re liable to hear anything from the Foo Fighters to the Monkees to Frank Zappa on any given Sunday morning. A playlist of each week’s show can be found at

Jim also interviews some of the top names in music – like Warren Haynes, Brian Wilson, and Steve Hackett.

All Mixed Up logoJim’s knowledge of music is unparalleled and his love of music is matched perhaps only by his affection for baseball.

When he’s not on the air here at WDHA, Jim can be found working with local ball players. He’s also a member of the New York Professional Scouts Association.