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Psychic medium John Edward On the Jolt

John Edward is one of the country's best-known psychic mediums. The host of the very popular Crossing Over TV show from 2001-2004, he has helped hundreds of people connect with relatives who have "crossed over." John has a couple of local appearances coming up including Hasbrouck Heights NJ on June 14 and Staten Island NY…

Facebook Theater 6-13-19

For many, their Facebook experiences involve posting pictures of what they're eating. This morning's episode of Facebook Theater deals in part with the aftermath of said consumption. As you might imagine, not all of it is pretty.

Facebook Theater 6-11-19

Technology can be a wonderful asset. It can also be VERY frustrating to deal with. And no one should ever consider taking banjo lessons. Ever. All that and more covered in today's Facebook Theater.

Former Met Ron Swoboda On the Jolt

He only made one of the most famous catches in World Series history. Never really known for his defense, Ron Swoboda made a diving catch in Game 4 of the 1969 World Series - a sinking line drive off the bat of Orioles great Brooks Robinson - that left Mets fans even more convinced that…

Director Billy Corben Throws A Screwball At the Jolt

Billy Corben is an American documentary film director who co-founded Rakontur, a Miami-based studio. Over the course of his career, he is best known for films such as Cocaine Cowboys, Dawg Fight, and ESPN's 30 for 30 The U and The U Part 2. r In his latest film Screwball, Billy takes a hilarious and…

Facebook Theater 6-6-19

There are times when listening to to the radio is an uplifting, emotional experience. And then, there's Facebook Theater. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your friends, co-workers, and perhaps even family members in all their regal (?) glory.

Marriage For Dummies 6-5-19

Dr. JoHo somehow has visions of being a stay-at-home spouse. We're not so sure that such a great idea. After all, doesn't Mrs. JoHo have enough on her hands already as it is?