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The Yankees and Mets Each Have A Player the Other Covets

With about six weeks to go until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, the Mets and Yankees each have a player that the other team covets. One player could move by the end of July; the other would be a post-season acquisition. https://youtu.be/22FL_uKunS4 Yankees and Mets Have A Player the Other Covets Pete Alonso A fan favorite, there has been speculation for some time that Alonso will not end the season in a Mets uniform. A free agent at the end of the season, the odds of the Mets resigning him seem to get smaller each day, leading to speculation that the team might try to move him. One of the teams said to be very interested in Alonso is the Yankees. Let's face it - Anthony Rizzo is struggling, and Alonso could be a short-term solution to the problem.  The Yankees would probably be more interested in a left-handed bat at first, but they might have some interest in seeing what the Mets would want in return. Juan Soto To date, Soto has been everything Yankees fans were hoping he would be - an absolute beast at the plate. Another free agent in waiting, his price tag seemingly goes up on a daily basis.  And with Scott Boras as his agent (Boras also represents Alonso), the sky might be the limit. So consider this scenario - the Mets trade Alonso to the Yankees, and then go all out this offseason to sign Soto. And while Yankees fans may not want to hear this, it might be an easier sell for Soto in Queens than you might think. With the Yankees, he's another star. With the Mets, he would be THE star. If that's important to him, and Mets owner Steve Cohen is willing to open up a bank vault or two.... MORE EPISODES OF WDHA'S TWO-MINUTE DRILL WITH JIM MONAGHAN AND CHRIS SWENDEMAN

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